Top 05 powerful anime

Top 05 anime series through which i felt true power of anime

Have you ever watched an anime series that made you say ‘WOW?’ and after that you just lost in some deep thoughts wondering and thinking about all kinds of things you never ever thought in your entire life-time. I bet everyone of you who are reading this must have gone through the moments like this. Today we’re going to see top 05 anime series through which i felt the the true power of anime!

This list is based on my own personal opinion and not on some kind of rankings or poll! So basically its a recommendation but its not a recommendation. This list is made from the anime series that came in 2016 and 2017.

Top 05 anime series through which i felt true power of anime

01. Fune wo amu

Fune wo amu - Top 05 anime with powerful feel
Fune wo amu

Summary – The story focuses on a character named ‘Majime Mitsuya’ who gets transferred into dictionary making department because of his knowledge regarding words and he has been tasked with a job of making and completing a dictionary.

Now if you take something like “words” and “dictionary” as a topic or particular subject and tried to write a story which is based on these two topics, to be honest its hard to come up with an interesting story, because, these two subjects or topics are underwhelming and boring topics. People don’t like things that are boring, yet Fune wo amu anime makes you interested in it.

People are aware of the fact that words are the most powerful weapons that human have because words can define things and can give meaning to each and every situation and are useful for conveying feelings but at the same time words can hurt others. But the question is how deeply are you aware of it? and if you want to find the answers you should try watching this anime and i bet you will look at dictionaries from totally different perspective after watching this anime.

I think its pretty easy to grab people’s attention with a subject that’s interesting but to grab people’s attention with something that is not interesting at all in a true sense is a work of art. This was only possible because and every words spoken in the anime was strongly emphasized to convey the importance of words. The camera focus angle the scenes and scenario and the various situations in the anime were synchronized with the importance of words. That’s why this is number one on my top 05 anime list.

02. Showa genroku rakugo shinju

Showa genroku rakugo shinju - Top 05 anime with powerful feel
Showa genroku rakugo shinju 

Summary – Showa genroku rakugo shinju anime focuses on the character named yotaro, who wants to learn the art of rakugo. It also tells us the history of rakugo through a heart gripping, serious & yet a very interesting fictional plot.

Rakugo is also known as the art of storytelling, which is something that’s existed in the Japanese culture as a form of entertainment. So when i started this anime i was bit skeptical about it because Rakugo for me was an unexplored territory, something which i have never seen or heard. So i was wondering that this would be interesting or boring and surprisingly i wasn’t the only one wondering the same thing in fact many fans did it.

Now, Majority of the people will think that the story and its execution is something that makes this anime interesting and powerful but for me that’s not the case. For me what makes this anime a powerful anime is the “presentation” or the way this anime is presented. Allow me to explain you to make this more simple, i said earlier that Rakugo is like an unexplored territory for me but when i watched Rakugo for the first time in anime, i became interested in it. This art was something totally unknown to me but at the same time it wasn’t unknown, in fact i had a nostalgic feeling.

This was because each and every part of the Rakugo performance in the anime is edited very carefully focusing on the each and every actions of the performer that even includes his expressions, his body language, the way of speaking. You are quickly drawn into the Rakugo performance and you get interested more and more and thus you eventually get interested in the story. That’s why this is number two on my top 05 anime list.

03. San-gatsu no lion

Sangatsu no lion - Top 05 anime with powerful feel
Sangatsu no lion 

Summary – Sangatsu no lion is pretty interesting anime which focuses on Kiriyama Rei a professional middle school shogi player, he is a character who was grown up in a very tensed and pressurized atmosphere, and now he is trying to cope up with his life and all the unbalanced emotions.

Sangatsu no lion has a pretty unique audio visual representation that keeps viewer curious and glued to the anime but at the same time it makes you wonder, “What is really happening?” This anime might get you confused at first but if you’re smart enough to figure out what’s happening in this anime, you will notice that the consistent unique audio visual representation that i mentioned earlier does the job conveying various emotions belonging to each and every character.

In fact there are many sequences in the anime that are lengthy and has next to no dialogue at all the mere actions, expressions and emotions of the characters in the anime are enough to express and convey a lot. So what i meant to say is because of so many such silent sequences in this anime, there is never a point where this anime misses to present an emotional state of a character visually with a soundtrack that in fact does explains a lot more than a normal dialogue.

Emotions, we humans can display various of those according to situation and yet we are the ones who fails to understand them majority of times. This anime that emphasizes on emotions more compared to the usual dialogues makes it harder for us to understand but at the same it can be said as one of the most powerful anime ever because its something that forces us to relate our own emotions with the characters of the anime so that we can understand the overall story, that’s why its on the third position of the top 05 anime list.

04. Poco’s udon world

Poco's udon world - Top 05 anime with powerful feel
Poco’s udon world 

Summary – Poco’s udon world follows the story of Souta who comes home for vacation where he founds a tanuki who can transform into a human kid. After seeing the situation he lives in he decides to take care of him.

Poco’s udon world is not just another simple story like Usagi drop and Aishiteru ze baby where the main character takes a care of kid due to family situations and other circumstances. But its this anime which takes you on a roller coaster ride that pry on your hidden emotions. If you’re someone who lives away from your family and parents due to work or some other situations. This anime will bring out all your memories of your past life with your family, i.e including how you grew up and how you changed and what you missed and what you forgot, your past regret, the biggest change happened in you and so on..

Despite this anime having a fantasy side to it, its something to which you can relate your life and the situations you face in your life, but that’s not the point because of which i can say that this anime is powerful, in fact its the way it explains, display and relate the inner regrets and past memories of main characters with a pretty unique situation that display changes and growth of each and every character the series who is new and has no base for a character development at all. In simple words there is not a single character in this anime who is left unexplained. That’s why its on the fourth position of the top 05 anime list.

05. Kuzu no Honkai

Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 - Kuzu No Honkai
Kuzu No Honkai

Summary – Hanabi and Mugi are perfect couple, but in reality they are just couple for name, since they love someone else. This anime shows the painful side of one sided love.

Kuzu no honkai is the straight up NTR, if you doesn’t look at the plot, the circumstances and just pay attention to s*xual representation. This anime ventures into unknown, because in reality humans never dives deeper into negative emotions like jealousy nor we have someone that exploits those particular emotions.

Even if someone does try exploits our negative emotions we try to retaliate with positive emotions. But this anime doesn’t do such things with its characters, as the plot progress the series dives much deeper into negativity which makes characters nothing but abnormal humans.

Although this anime shows something really hard to comprehend but at the same time it gives you a powerful yet bizarre representation of the negativity of humans that almost makes it looks like as a guilty masterpiece. Which shows that there are even worst things of which we are not aware at all. That’s why it comes on the fifth position in the top 05 anime list

I think that anime is something which is a medium of conveying things through an art called animation, things like which are not easy to convey or put into the words. And i think these top 05 anime are the perfect representation of that

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