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Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 : Android 17 power up explained

Dragon ball super episode 85-86 - Android 17 power up

Dragon ball Super Episode 85-86 : Goku is still in the middle of recruiting team members for tournament of power, and so far, everyone is able to keep up with Goku in super saiyan blue from, is freaking out every people everywhere in the world. Especially after watching dragon ball super episode 86, people can’t believe how Android 17 is able to keep up with Goku in super saiyan blue form!.

Some people are even saying, that, this is the weakest story writing, they have ever seen! but, what if i told you that, this form of writing is inspired from Toriyama’s writing. You would not believe me if i told you that, would you? but its true and how can that be true? we are all going to see that in this post.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 – Explaining the god

When god level characters were introduced in the dragon ball super, subconsciously, every fan of dragon ball started thinking that gods are invincible. That’s because in real life we humans think god as something invincible and something extraordinary. So when characters like Zeno, Whis and Beerus were introduced we started to think that they are the real deal, and on top of it when Goku and Vegeta started training with Beerus and achieved Super saiyan blue we thought that Goku and Vegeta has entered the realm of god and that’s what makes those two the strongest.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 - Gods battle
Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 – Gods battle

So when in Dragon ball Super episode 85-86 we saw Buu and Android 17 keeping up with Goku we all freaked out and started saying that this shouldn’t be possible because Goku is powered up & he is on the god level. Even i was thinking the same thing, but last week i stopped thinking like that and i found, that, the reasoning of Goku being the strongest, because he is achieved the power of god, is utterly stupid. This happened because few days earlier i watched the saiyan saga of Dragon ball Z anime all over again, and after that, i realized that everything makes sense.

The link to the saiyan saga dragon ball super

When Goku went to train with King Kai before starting the training King Kai warned him that “The two saiyans arriving on earth are even stronger than me. So, you’ve to surpass me, otherwise you will lose!.” At that time King kai was talking about Vegeta and Nappa.

Even after training with king kai, and ultimately, surpassing king kai, Goku has trouble defeating Vegeta.  Now King kai is a low level kai but basically he is a god and a god was saying that vegeta is stronger than him and that was in fact true. So first you need to stop thinking that training with god makes Goku invincible.

Dragon ball super episode 85-86 - Goku blue
Dragon ball super episode 85-86 – Goku blue

He was still not able to beat Vegeta in saiyan saga even after surpassing king kai. Goku had to become reckless in order to defeat vegeta. Basically what i mean to say is Vegeta was stronger than king kai and he became that strong on his own and he didn’t even have to train with god.So in Dragon ball universe as long as a character train with a disciple he can suprass god, mastering a god ki and achieving a god form doesn’t make a character stronger.

Goku would have been able to reach the level he is now even if he would have trained normally. That explains why Toppo from Universe 11 was able to keep with Super saiyan blue even if he is not god, this also explains why Hit was able to keep up with Goku, Golden frieza being able to keep up with Goku and finally this also explains why Jiren would be the toughest opponent Goku will ever face!.

Goku and Vegeta has not yet fully mastered the God ki

Even after reaching super saiyan god Goku was not able to defeat beerus what’s more, beerus was holding back his true power. Even after Goku achieved the blue form it felt like he can’t defeat Beerus, so when Beerus destroyed Zamasu we witnessed some of his true power. Lets just say that Goku and Vegeta achieved god ki but they are far from mastering it, because no matter how you look at it, it seems that Goku and Vegeta are just using it as a power boost for fighting.

Dragon ball super episode 85-86 - Goku vs Beerus
Dragon ball super episode 85-86 – Goku vs Beerus

While they were both training with whis, he told that the essence of mastering a god ki is making fighting a second nature. While making a move, a person thinks and he makes his move and that’s makes him slow. However, to become more fast its important to make fighting a second nature because it will allow a person’s body to act naturally without even thinking.

Whis is able to do that however, Beerus being a god of destruction is able to do that but he also has not mastered that part completely. This explains why Whis is stronger than beerus.But i think that its not the only way to master the god ki because even though beerus has not mastered the second nature which we discussed earlier, he has complete control over the god ki and because of which he looks imposing.

The change in Android 17 and Buu

Android 17 never really fought Goku or its more appropriate to say that he never met Goku even though he knows him. That incident with cell changed him for good, he cares about life, people and animals and today’s Dragon ball Super episode 86 was all about that. So that heartless killing machine which Dr. Gero created was no more and in his place there was a man who cared for others.

DBZ - Goku & Uub
DBZ – Goku & Uub

Goku challenged him for a fight and why he is able to keep up with Goku in his strongest form is the reason i have explained before but its just i can say that Android 17 has went through some hellish training. What i personally liked about the Dragon ball super episode 85-86 is majin buu’s change in physique. That was quite awesome, and it was inspirational as well. Because it was moment when you realize that even a guy like Majin buu lost all his weight and we people are still finding excuse of not going to gym.

The surprise element “Uub”

Well today i watched both Dragon ball super episode 85-86 and in episode 86 the most surprising element for me was Dende mentioning Uub. At the same time i also felt quite weird and i thought that “why there was need to mentioned Uub?” while i was not able to think of any proper answer, i am now 100% convinced that the series is going to end in a same way how dragon ball z ended!.

Wrapping up

Overall the episodes was quite good there were few things which were off but its still good.

Overall episode – 4/5

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