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Sakura quest anime targets two important social issues in Japan

So my friend requested me to watch a new ‘Sakura quest anime’, which she liked very much. She is fond of calm drama and most of the anime she recommended me were good, Showa genroku rakugo shinju and Uchoten Kazoku and many more such anime were recommended to me by my friend and i enjoyed them a lot.

As always, i trusted her and i expected that this Sakura quest anime to be good, and it didn’t betrayed my expectations. More importantly this anime captures the two most important social issues of Japan, and depicts them in a hilarious way!.


In the wake of a nationwide movement during the Bubble economy period, a small town in the countryside has revived its “mini-nation” tourism program; hiring five girls as travel ambassadors. The series will follow a year’s time of the five girls as they work in the tourism agency of a small failing town in an effort to reinvigorate it.

[Synopsis source : MyAnimeList]

Sakura quest anime first impression

Last year i attended an event, where Japanese professors came for guest lecture and they explained how corporate sector is in Japan. While i was hearing their lectures, i thought that although what they said is right but at the same time, it makes the competition very tough and my thoughts were – Majority of youngsters find hard to get proper job in corporate sector, they leave their home in the country side and move to urban areas in hopes of finding a good job. At the same time, people in country side doing whatever they can to keep their town functioning. Thus dealing with the decrease in population.

Sakura quest anime - First Episode
Sakura quest anime – First Episode

In short the corporate life and modernization is affecting the country side of Japan and then finding a proper job in urban city, is getting tougher and tougher. These two are major social problems of Japan, is what i though during that guest lecture. One year later, i didn’t expect that the anime world will depict the same two problem in their style. Some thing struck me inside, and i realized that i want to see this anime till it ends. I think anime as a way to find solutions to the problems in real life, and so i expected this Sakura quest anime to solve the two social problems which i mentioned earlier.

The realism in the story

Surprisingly, while watching this new anime, i found how realistic this anime really is.

The main character of this show is a female girl, who left her home in the country side to find a good job in the corporate sector. However bad luck doesn’t leave her side and she is unable to find a job. Not knowing what to do with her current useless life, ironically, one day, she get a call for job in the country side and the job is to revive the “mini nation” tourism which has been closed down for a decade. At first she tries to leave the job as soon as she can but for some reason she decides to say. She forms a team to revive the mini nation tourism but she is about to find out that job is not so easy.

Sakura quest anime - Main character
Sakura quest anime – Main character

This brief explanation of the anime and the characters background is alone enough to show how realistic this anime is, but what fascinated me more is how the characters in the anime tries to revive the mini nation tourism, in whatever way they can. Their approach of finding a solution to the particular problem and their way of doing things, made me feel – that if i were in their place, i would have done the same thing. What’s more they do it in a hilarious way. Such types of slice of life anime tends to be boring but comedy is the key element which makes this anime interesting. Realism is followed by clam drama which is further balanced by the comedy.

The comedy balances the anime thanks to the characters

While i did said that, the anime targets the two most important social issues of Japan, despite being a serious problems, comedy finds its own way to incorporate and on top of it, it balances the anime. For that the characters play the main key role and of course they are fun to watch!.

Sakura quest anime characters
Sakura quest anime characters

From what i could see the characters this anime are carefully written and has their own unique and distinctive personality, these different personalities are well utilized to enhance the intriguing factor. Its as if the anime is saying that the jobs are boring but what makes them interesting is people working on that particular job.

Wrapping up

So far i am liking the anime series, some people may feel that Sakura quest anime draws its inspiration from “Amagi Brilliant Park.” However its not like that because the show clearly sets difference between the two anime. What do you think of this Sakura quest anime? Do tell your opinion!.

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