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Anime Music & Anime industry focusing on International Market

Anime music producers and creators are now seeing international market’s potential, as they desire to expand their business internationally during a podcast, where the three big trio’s of anime music industry share their views on the potential and financial health of International market.

Last year, we discussed, how the anime industry is suffering due to shortage of animators and low sales, and we discussed how it needed new business model to survive. This time lets talk about how the industry is thinking & trying to change its track to solve this survival problem.

Saitou Shigeru, music producer for “Love Live anime”, Tashiro Tomokazu, the one who composed the ending song for the anime series “The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi anime” and Tabuchi Tomoya, who is the band member of “Unision square garden” had a brief discussion on this topic on Tacchi Radio podcast hosted by Tabuchi Tomoya and Tashiro Tomokazu.

Details on the Anime Music Industry & international market

During the podcast, they discussed briefly on how the production companies are changing, and what changes happened during the last decade or the last 10 years. Also, they discussed on how the international market is looking at the anime right now, and how their views have changed and how the worth of anime is increasing over the years.

Importance of International market

According to the podcast, it seems that the majority of people working in the anime industry are realizing the potential of International market. And now because of this they have realized that the recent digital distribution and licensing deals, its possible to fill the cost for the series that doesn’t sell well in Japan. As you’re all aware of the fact that anime series can get a sequel only if their sales are great, this includes DVD, BD and all other merchandise.

Currently, Anime industry is only focused on the Japanese audience, but if they focused on international community, its possible that sales will increase, thus allowing them to recoup the cost for the series, that is expected to have a low selling rate. This sudden change of focus on the global or international market can not only affect the sales of anime and its merchandise but at the same time it can affect the anime music industry too.

The sales that are changing the industry

The “Association of Japanese Animation” the data reports of the 2016’s sales related to anime industry was the highest ever, the total revenue counts of 583.3 Billion yen. Here is an image from the data report that shows the increase in number of international sales for the last 3 consecutive years.

International sales chart
International sales chart (2016) – Credits : Association of Japanese animation

As you can see in the image above, the international sales of the anime industry has been increasing for the last three consecutive years. If you’re interested in reading the entire report, you can download the required PDF document from their official website – Association of Japanese Animation.

What does the trio think about this?

According to the discussion of the trio during podcast, China’s investment in the anime industry and their growing market are the reason behind the increase in international sales. Currently, in fact right now as you’re reading this post, Chinese are fighting a bidding war for anime and anime industry. Because of this bidding war the international market is greatly affected. Furthermore, the growing demand of simulcast has also helped the anime industry. Hence according to the artist trio, a new standard for broadcasting has been created. As only Asia contribution to the international anime sales is 38.9% of the total international revenue

The effects of International market on Anime Music Industry?

The artist trio thinks that the international market is the new frontier of the anime music industry. Anime music from 2010 or even before that is well received by both international and domestic fans. Because of which nowadays companies are allowing to sell anime singles on Itunes, and they are even allowing them to legally stream on Spotify. Furthermore, some anime music concerts even happen in foreign countries.

This is all thanks to the growing international exposure of anime, that even anime music industry is getting exposure. Especially, Saitou Shigeru, music producer for “Love Live anime” about how the industry is in transitional stage and even mentioned how the “Lantis” is largely supported by “The [email protected]” and “Love! Live!” anime franchise. Because of which, there are singles and albums which has even charted on Oricon mainstream chart, which shows that the anime music is not only limited to Otaku genre, and has appeal that surpasses that genre. Because of which, the anime industry and the anime music industry, both are taking international market seriously.

[Source : Tacchi Radio, Association of Japanese Animation & Goboiano]

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