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Boruto Anime Sarada Arc – The Seventh hokage & Scarlet Spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc - The seventh hokage and the scarlet spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc is soon going to start, as the anime prepares to focus on the Sequel Naruto Gaiden Manga based on Sarada. Which was drawn and written by none other than the Original author Masashi Kishimoto. New scan about Boruto naruto next generations anime revealed that the new arc will focus on the Uchiha family and their relationship.

We already mentioned the possibility of this sarada arc in the review of the Episode 4 from Boruto Anime.

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc details

As i said earlier a new scan reveals that the Uchiha family will get more attention and the family bonds between Sasuke, Sarada and Sakura will be the center of attraction in the new arc. The scan also teases about the read glasses that Sarada Uchiha wears in the anime.

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc
Boruto Anime Sarada Arc

However, there is no exact date of when the arc will be released, but since the story of Seventh Hokage & Scarlet Spring Manga is set during the period of graduation, we expect that the arc will be released during that time in the anime. But if you really can’t wait for the arc and are interested in knowing what happens in the story then you can read the whole manga here : Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage and Scarlet Spring.

[News Source : Saiyanisland]

Mitsuki’s Origins

The sarada’s story getting animated was an obvious phenomenon, and we expect the same thing to happen with Mitsuki. We expect the studio to animate his side story soon. However, its going to be completely different from what we have seen in the Manga. Because in in Mitsuki’s Origin manga, the time period in which the Manga was set was not specified. So in the anime we will get to see a more elaborated version of Mitsuki’s origins side story. You can read that chapter here : Naruto – The Path that the waxing moonlight illuminates.


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