Fairy tail author teases more work

Fairy tail author teases there is more work after Manga ends

Fairy tail author of the manga Hiro mashima revealed some more information about the future of Fairy tail Franchise, through his official twitter account. Around last week he revealed that he intends to end the manga in two more volumes. However this week tweeted that Fairy tail has more work left even after the ending of the manga.

Fairy tail author teases more work

Here is what he [Hiro mashima] tweeted from his official twitter account :-

Japanese version – 原作が終了してもフェアリーテイルはまだ終わらないと思いますよ。色々企画もあるので楽しみにしててくださーい!

English version – I think, Fairy tail is not over yet. Even if the original Manga is coming to end, i think there is more work left to do. So please look forward to it!.

Though he didn’t really revealed that what’s that “More work” is about but its possible that he might be teasing the return of anime series which has been on Hiatus since last year. Its also possible that he might be teasing a new sequel side story, similar to what Kishimoto did with Naruto Manga and he launched “Sarada’s story – The seventh hokage and the scarlet spring” and “Mitsuki’s Story – The path illuminated by the moonlight“.

So its quite possible that he intends to write few spin off sequel manga for the original Fairy tail Manga after it ends. We would just have to wait for the more news that will be revealed after the ending of the manga and see what he is planning to do!.

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