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Fairy tail Manga ending in 2 more volumes – Hiro Mashima

Fairy tai manga ending

Fairy tail manga ending in two more volumes, Hiro Mashima confirmed it in the latest released volume as per YonkouProductions on twitter. He also expressed to work on the new manga after dealing with Fairy Tail Manga, along with that he mentioned that he will feel empty after completing the series but, even more than that he is excited to what lies ahead in future!.


Details on Fairy Tail Manga ending

Fairy tail manga ends in 2 more volumes - Image credits YonkuProductions
Fairy tail manga ending in 2 more volumes – Image credits YonkuProductions

He mentioned his thoughts in the afterword page of the latest volumes. Which was translation was done by twitter user KenRyo and information was first brought to light by Yonkouproductions. Here is the transcript :-

Does it give the feeling of being a final battle or no..? (Sweat). Well, since i started this work without intending to be a long running story in the first place, When i progress through the plot i often get hit by insecurities, like questioning myself.. “is this okay?”

This project started as a fun thing to do while feeling a bit adventurous, trying to solve various obstacles in the journey, but if continued doing just that for a long time, i would get tired, so i started including variety of things.

Since my previous work was quite a heavy story, i remember i remember thinking that to myself that i wanted to get bit light this time. But even so the story turned into something with a huge war. But, a big difference between this work and the previous work is that Natsu is not fighting for the world peace , right? In previous one, the characters were fighting to protect the world. This time they just wanted to protect their guild. Natsu even said in Edolas arc – “We joined the guild to live, that’s why i don’t care about the world.”

Although its quite annoying that he cannot be thought of as a hero of this story, because of that, both worlds are quite similar to each other to some extent.. Fight to survive, fight for your friends. It may not lead to world peace, but its all justice for Natsu. And i love that about Natsu!

After this i will have to draw more as well, something set in a new world – Yes, i want to write a new story! Fairy tail will be completed in two more volumes, after that i will feel a bit empty. But its excited to think about all the new things that might start later. Thank you so much for your support! My new work will begin soon, so please, until then watch the final curtain draw over our fairies.

Fairy tail received 2 anime adaptations, 2 movies several OVA Episodes and spin off Manga as well. The Manga was first launched in 2006, after Hiro Mashima, finshed with the Rave Master.

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