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Koe no katachi Review – Emotions will crush you [No Spoiler]

Koe no Katachi Review

Koe no Katachi Review – Last November i wrote an in depth review of Koe no Katachi Manga, and in that, i asked, how Kyoto animation intends to fit such highly detailed story into one hour movie? Because in Manga there are characters and small moments that are important and hence, my question did made sense. Today, i got the privilege to watch the movie, and, to be honest, Kyoto animation did spectacular job with the movie.

However, for someone like me, who have read the manga, the movie felt completely different, even though it adapts the same story from the manga. So there will be moments in between where you may feel odd, but that’s not something you should worry about. Although, if you really want to watch the Movie and enjoy every bit of emotions its manages to display, then the best thing you can do is forget everything about the Manga and just focus on the movie itself. And why am i saying this? well, you will find out when you will read the review further.

Koe no Katachi Review – The Movie

Unlike Manga, which gives balanced view, of the world of both characters, Shouya and Shouko. The movie tells the story from Ishida’s point of view and the world of Koe no Katachi is portrayed from his eyes. That’s the biggest difference you will notice between the actual manga source and the animated movie version.

Koe no Katachi Review - Ishida Shoyo
Koe no Katachi Review – Ishida Shouya

However that really doesn’t screw up the movie, instead that changes the nature and essence of the story completely and gives you entire new experience. So its like you will feel that, you are watching complete new thing, even though you have read the manga earlier, and that’s what i liked about movie, as it sets up a right mood.

The story

Ishida Shouya is the male protagonist of the movie, who once bullied a girl named “Nishimiya Shouko” (female protagonist) in his elementary school days, just because she was deaf and was unable to speak properly, as a result she was forced to leave the school. After that incident, he is disliked by everybody and Karma hits him, as he in return, becomes the victim of school bullying.

From then onward he lives his life in solitude and calls himself a worst human being. He try to commit suicides countless of times but he fails to do so, but one day coincidentally he meets Nishimiya Shouko once again. From then onward he decides to walk the path of redemption and does whatever he can to make up for his sins.

What makes this movie so powerful?

As i said earlier, that i have read manga and because of the highly detailed story writing, the emotions that manga conveyed was strong enough to make me cry. But there are things that you can’t really do in Manga, and those things can be only done with animated movie or in real-life movie. Feelings, conveying the feelings through facial expressions of characters is something which can’t be done in the manga.

Koe no Katachi Review - Nishimiya Shoko
Koe no Katachi Review – Nishimiya Shouko

Knowing this, Kyoto animation has strongly emphasized on that part and the emotions or the feelings that are conveyed via facial expressions are enough to make you cry. Dialogues are powerful, but Shouko is character who can’t hear and speak, hence her expressions holds the importance in the entire movie. This is one reason why this movie is so powerful in terms of feels.

The second reason is, they used the music to amplify the gravity of the scene, facial expressions and the overall atmosphere. After watching this movie i personally think, that if KyoAni didn’t gave special attention to background music and the facial expressions, then the movie would not have been so much powerful. Which also makes the movie stand out when it is compared with the Manga.

The exclusivity!

The movie gives exclusive space to Nishimiya Shouko and Ishida Shouya, and then the story is wrapped around these two characters. This exclusivity is something which fades in manga, as story takes greater importance than the characters itself. When you only judge the manga, its perfect in its own place, but when you compare with the movie the point related to exclusivity comes out of hiding, and the studio utilized that one point to completely wrap story around one character i.e Ishida Shouya and this story later extends to another character i.e Nishimiya Shouko.

Koe no Katachi Review - Shoko & Ishida
Koe no Katachi Review – Shouko & Ishida

Manga gives importance to all the supporting characters and each has their own separate distinctive background. However, you won’t see, the same thing, happening in the movie. The supporting characters, are just supporting characters, they don’t have their own distinctive background and holds importance only when they are needed. This is mainly because the script of the movie is re-wrote to adapt the length of the movie by only keeping the two main characters in the mind. Hence, because of this the exclusivity around the two characters is clearly visible.

It will crush you emotionally

This Koe no Katachi review, i made it spoiler free, because the story this movie has is very simple story and its not something complex that need special explanation. But, still it manages to crush you emotionally so much that you feel empty inside. This movie is not something which you can explain in mere few words, you have to watch it and then experience how it feels.

Koe no Katachi Review - Emotional scene
Koe no Katachi Review – Emotional scene

Also, some of you may don’t like how they ended the movie, but, i already mentioned that the story progresses from Ishida Shouya’s point of view and in a way the entire story revolves around him and that’s what the movie intends to show. So i personally think that the ending was quite fitting. Hence the best you can do is forget about the manga and enjoy the movie.

Koe no Katachi review – The art and animation

Needless to say, Kyoto animation is flawless when it comes to art and animation, and we have seen that countless of times in their previous projects. However, i personally think that, the animation done for this movie was the best ever animation that Kyoto animation ever did.

Wrapping up

Hands down, this is one of the best movie i have ever watched, that’s what i seriously feel from the bottom of my heart. This movie is not something you should judge with logic, but its something you should judge with emotions. The story is quite realistic, and Kyoto animation have utilized that realistic nature masterfully. Silence speaks more than words and i think this movie defines that very sentence.

Overall Movie Rating – 5/5


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