Naruto Animation Chronicle Book : Kishimoto on Killing off old characters

A new book was released in Japan, titled as, “Naruto Animation Chronicle Book”, its the second encyclopedia book of Naruto anime, which includes interview of Masashi Kishimoto and his illustration. But what’s important there is not the illustrations but its the interview, where Kishimoto speaks on killing of the old characters in the Manga and Anime.

Naruto Animation Chronicle Book – Kishimoto’s interview

Naruto Animation Chronicle Book - Kishimoto's Interview
Naruto Animation Chronicle Book – Kishimoto’s Interview

A twitter user “AnimeBlue @Animeblue00” apparently tweeted few translated lines from the special interview in which Masashi Kishimoto speaks on killing the old characters. He says the following thing :-

It would be better if Boruto isn’t tied down by Naruto, So if it means killing off the old cast of Naruto, it can be done..

He doesn’t speaks about Naruto’s death directly, but it seems that someone from the old characters will die, it can be one or it can be many others.

I searched for the few more sources related to this interview, but couldn’t find a single good source which gives the reliability and credibility of this particular information except for some illustrations which are not related to this interview.

So, If what AnimeBlue said is true, then going by the words of Kishimoto, it seems, that he intends to cast old Naruto characters aside for the sake of the development of Boruto Manga & Anime, and for the sake  Boruto’s character development.

In Boruto anime & manga, Naruto & old characters are nothing but a side characters. So if there comes a time, where there is a need to sacrifice a character for the development of Boruto Manga and for the development of Boruto as an individual characrer, then killing the old cast or old characters is a perfect thing to do.

Naruto Animation Chronicle Book - Family Picnic
Naruto Animation Chronicle Book – Family Picnic (Source – Reddit)

Naruto animation chronicle book even releases few illustrations done by Masashi Kishimoto himself, one of the illustration shows “Joint family picnic” of Naruto & Sasuke’s family. If you’re interested in seeing more such illustration you can check out this website : Weibo.

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