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Gin no Saji manga returns in July focuses on Hachiken & Mikage

Gin no Saji Manga returns

Last time we reported that Arakawa Hiromu’s Gin no Saji manga will return which will show Hachiken after graduation, however at that time it was revealed not when the manga is set to make it’s comeback from long Hiatus.

However, this year’s 31st issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine revealed on Friday i.e 23rd June 2017 that the Manga is set to make it’s comeback next month on 5th July 2017.

The issue also teased that Hachiken and Mikage will finally become a couple. The story will resume in Hachiken’s third year of high school. The setting is of December month. Hachiken and Mikage understand their feelings, that leads to the winter event.

Hachiken will have “White Christmas” this year – teased the 31st issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine.

Gin no Saji Manga returns on 5th July
Gin no Saji Manga returns on 5th July

On April 18th the original author of the Gin no Saji manga revealed the plans for the Manga in the 41st issue of Ichijansha’s Febri Magazine.

Where she said that she will depict Hachiken’s first year in detail, and will rush through the second year and then will shorten the third year. After that she will depict the story, that takes place after graduation.

Arakawa Hiromu also revealed that she is drawing the storyboard for the new story that will take place after graduation. The Manga was on long Hiatus since last September, which she resumed back in January 2016.

She even revealed that she is returning to “Square Enix” after finishing with the Gin no Saji manga. However, she herself has no idea about her new work.

She is determined to stick to the concept of “Uniqueness” and said she wants to try something new. With that being said she even said that she has lots of new concepts and theme prepared for her new work but that has not been developed yet as for now, she is only focusing on the Gin no Saji Manga.

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