Kiss x Sis creator launches new Manga in Shounen Sirus Magazine

Kiss x Sis creator, Ditama Bow, launched his new Manga in Shounen Sirus Magazine. Which is titled as “Shougakusei wa mama demo ii desu ka?” which roughly translates to – “Is it alright to call a grade school girl as my mother?”.

Known for his incest manga “Kiss x Sis” rather went for quite a unique concept this time. As the story of the Manga centers around a man who is having a problem with his life. A grade school girls suddenly appear in front of him and she claims that she is the man’s reincarnated mother.

Ditama Bow is known for his famous work “Kiss x Sis” but he even wrote, “Fight Ippatsu Juden-chan Manga” which ended in 2013. The Manga series even inspired a television anime series in the year 2009.

Kiss x Sis creator's news series
Kiss x Sis creator’s news series


Kiss x Sis even inspired television anime series which had 12 episodes and later it got OVA series which also had a runtime of 12 episodes. The original TV Anime series aired from 5th April 2010 to 21st June 2010.

The OVA series ran from 22nd December 2008 to 6th April 2015.

Opinion on the new Manga

Overall the concept of the new Manga seems quite good. But i am sure this series will have some forbidden fan service elements, Just like Fight Ippatsu Juden-chan and Kiss x Sis Manga.

In short, this manga will be more than a decent series. In both story-wise, fanservice wise and overall plot wise.

What do you think about this news about the new Manga series launched by Kiss x Sis creator? Share your views via the comment section given below.

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