One Punch Man 4 Volume Anime

One Punch Man Anime has 4-Volume Character Drama, Song CD Series

There will be an inspired One Punch Man four-volume audio drama character song CD series.

Many fans are still hoping for One Punch Man Season 2. Unfortunately, there’s a word from the Madhouse Studios about the next season. Despite the fact that One Punch Man Second Season is confirmed, if you’re interested then you can take a look at this article –  the Second season of OPM confirmed!!

While waiting, there are some ways to see Saitama. This week, Bandai Visual confirmed its plans to release four new dramas based on One Punch Man. According to Comic Book, the original voice actor will reprise their roles of the four drama series.

The first of Bandai’s four CD dramas will be released in September. As mentioned earlier, the original voice actors will reprise their roles, especially voice actors who voice Saitama and Genos.

Bandai said each audio volume will include two new episodes. The series creator ONE helped create and supervise the episodes. The volumes will also include episode based on bonus manga from Shueisha’s volumes.

One Punch Man – Anime vs Manga

JAM Project is also part of this audio drama project. They write and perform character image songs for the CDs, Anime News Network reports.

The first CD includes Saitama song, the second will have a Genos song, and the third will have a Speed-o’-Sound Sonic song. Meanwhile, there is no announcement yet who’s the character for the fourth CD.

Expect that the One Punch Man Maji CD Drama & Song Vol. 1 CD will feature the “Saitama, Tekoiresuru” audio drama, “Bangai-hen ‘200 Yen'” audio drama, and the first chapter of the “Parallel Gakuen Drama ‘Chūgakusei Saitama'” audio drama. According to the source, “Bangai-hen ‘200 Yen’ is based on Yuusuke Murata’s extra chapter of the manga.

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