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Bleach live action movie trailer features Ichigo defeating Hollow

The official website of Bleach live action movie revealed the new trailer for the movie, which features the moment when “Kurosaki Ichigo” defeated hollow for the first time, after becoming “Shinigami” by borrowing “Rukia’s power.” And to be honest it looks pretty decent.

The new and the upcoming Bleach live action movie features on the very first “Substitute Shinigami Arc”.

And depending on how they declared that the movie will only cover the beginning or the first arc of the entire Bleach series, we suspect that the movie will be divided into parts.

And few more parts will be made in near future.

Everyone is suspecting that this movie won’t be that great as it is made on a low budget, Depending on the photos of the shoot that were leaked online. You can find them on this website – Bleach live action film shoot photo leaked.

But for now, the trailer featuring Ichigo defeating Hollow looks pretty decent.

A new visual featuring Ichigo in his Shinigami form was also revealed on the official website.

Bleach live action movie visual
Bleach live action movie visual

Fukushi Souta is playing the role of “Ichigo Kurosaki” in the live action movie. He played the role of “Ichinose Ren” in “Strobe Edge¬†live action movie”.

The director of Gantz live action movie Sato Shinsuke is directing the Bleach live action movie.

The live action movie is set to release in Summer 2018 in Japanese theaters.

The movie is adapted Bleach Manga written by Tite Kubo, who launched it in “Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine”, in the year 2001 and ended it in August 2016.

He also revealed the real reason behind the poor quality writing and the ending of the manga earlier, You can read that information here – Tite Kubo reveals the real reason behind the ending & poor quality of Bleach Manga.

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