Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 : Live or Die its not a fun game!!

Finally, the tournament of power has begun, I decided to give a combined review of multiple episodes because from now onward the episodes will contain only fights. So today’s combined episode review is on Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99, which tells us that this tournament of power is not a fun game.

As expected by everyone the fights in this arc are obviously the best fights of Dragon Ball Super, but this Universe survival arc is clearly telling us that the best is yet to come. Until now some of the scenarios between Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 were quite predictable, although that predictability is utilized in exploring the arc and reassess everyone’s overall situations.

Now when we talk about reassessing the situations of each and every character, Jiren is obviously the highlight of the arc right now. We expected Frieza and Frost to clash but it looks like, Jiren’s entrance shook everyone. The character is surrounded in mystery for now. And that’s happening because of his face which has no expressions. Ever since the tournament began, everyone has been engrossed in fighting but Jiren is just standing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - Goku vs Jiren
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – Goku vs Jiren

So, it’s becoming tough to figure out what this character is thinking. However, his presence is so bright that everyone is aware of him and subconsciously they’re holding back because they know that they will lose if they fight. Except for Goku, who is urging to fight with him, right from the beginning. But in return targeted by other players.

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99: The true purpose

We all expected Goku being the center of attraction and target of every warrior and Goku will be excited to fight them all, but let’s not forget that this tournament has explained its true purpose countless of times right from the mock battle with Universe 9, that took place before the tournament.

Tournament of power will help in stabilizing the power balance of all universe. In short, Universe with low capability will be erased. Zen Oh and Grand Priest intended to erase all universes that are participating in the tournament right now. But since Goku proposed the idea of martial arts tournament between all universe.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - Goku vs U9
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – Goku vs U9

They used this chance to reevaluate the capability of the weak universe and that including Universe 7 which comes in the weak category. And even the other gods confirmed this in today’s latest episode when Universe 9 was erased.

They said the following thing:-

The sacrifice of Universe 9 was necessary, originally all the weak universes were fated to get erased.

Goku’s proposal for universal tournament served a perfect chance to them to prove their worth.

Universe 9 was not able to survive and got eliminated hence, their universe was erased.

Eliminating unworthy universes by measuring their capabilities is the true purpose of this tournament.

So those people blaming Goku for bringing this calamity, I think this statement from the gods is enough to shut them up. I’m not really a fanboy, but when I tried to voice my reasoning in my previous reviews, I suddenly became the center of attraction of all trollers. Who in return termed me, as a fanboy.

The elimination of Universe 9

The good thing about shounen is if someone annoying in a particular anime is about to die in future, that annoying character’s annoyingness his highlighted extravagantly, making his death more predictable.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - U9 Erased
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – U9 Erased

In this case, Universe 9 was extremely annoying, so that Universe getting eliminated & erased at the very beginning of the tournament was 100% predictable and not shocking. In fact what I loved was how they utilized that predictability to make everyone realize that Tournament of power is not a fun game, instead, it’s a survival battle to prove their worth.

Using Battle Royale to its full capability!

One thing I liked about the Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 is the nature of the tournament and that’s “Battle Royale”. Until now in Dragon Ball Anime franchise, we have seen tournaments with one-on-one fights but something like Battle Royale, we have never seen it.

Well in Buu Saga we had Battle Royale in “World Martial Arts Tournament” when other fighters left to stop Bibidi and Majin Buu but that Battle Royale was not the center of attraction for that arc.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - Frieza
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – Frieza

Since this arc is completely based on “Battle Royale” style tournament, this element alone was enough to raise the quality of the arc. We could get to see non-stop action in an unlimited number of patterns, thus making the fight scenes unpredictable.

In short, Dragon Ball Super franchise is using its Battle Royale fighting tournament to its full capability. As a result, this arc has become an adrenaline rush. Which forces you to watch each and every episode on every Sunday.

The disappointment with Krillin

Krillin got eliminated first, thus he became the first victim of Universe 7. However, to be honest I am quite disappointed with Krillin getting eliminated. There was so much to explore and he had quite a potential that makes him one of the strongest earthling.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - Krillin
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – Krillin

Seeing him getting eliminated at the very beginning was quite disappointing.

The only good thing we got to see about him is his combination attack with Android 18, that he did before he got eliminated. I personally think that eliminating Krillin so earlier was a bad choice. After raising so much hype about his improvement this is something that they shouldn’t have done it.

Toei is having a hard time with this arc?

Battle Royale is something that has not been the center of focus when it comes to dragon ball, however, this time, Toei is doing something that has been never done. And that thing is – “Creating a Battle Royale tournament arc”.

Battle Royale, a concept that sounds exciting but in reality, it is very hard to make it possible because while making this concept into something that is possible, it is important for animating staff to give a perfect amount of exposure to each and every character.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 - Goku
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 – Goku

From Dragon Ball Super Episodes 96-99 it is evident that the animation staff is having a tough time in giving an equal amount of exposure, hence, they are covering that particular flaw, with the element of uncertainty.

In a battle royale tournament, it’s tough to figure out who will get eliminated first and hence it becomes quite easy to cover the exposure flaw with this element of uncertainty.

Wrapping up

Without a doubt right now Dragon Ball Super is something which you can’t stop watching. The fights in the universe survival arc are something that will take you on a hype train ride but it’s clear that tournament of power is not the only story of this arc.

Overall Dragon Ball Super Episode 96-99 Rating – 4.5/5

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