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Death Note original creator says Netflix’s Death Note is an A class thriller!!

Death note original creator

Netflix’s Death Note Live Action movie done in Hollywood style has been a topic of brutal criticism ever since it was announced. When the teaser was released, that criticism increased, however many fans are now interested in hearing the views of Death Note original creator.

Ever since the movie made it’s debut in San Diego comic con event last month, The early fans reaction were that the movie is not that bad and is quite equal in terms with Ghost in the shell live action movie. It seems that the public reviews of the movie has balanced the number of positive and negative votes.

That means there are 50% of the total audience who have watched the movie, said the movie was decent and the other 50% said the movie was disaster.


With no proper conclusion, fans are quite keen to hear what will Death note original creator will say about the Netflix’s Death Note live action movie version. Now we have finally got his views and remarks on the movie and according to him the movie was quite a decent one. Comic Natalie Published his views on the Netflix’s live action version, in which Ohba Tsugumi clearly mentioned that –

“It is more interesting than i thought it would be, the movies quality is very high and in fact every part and bit of the movie is in high quality and fashionable. Because of which the movie has quite an original feel to it and it looks something that has been made by Hollywood. Yes, it is Hollywood’s version of death note.  I personally feel that wide range of people will watch this movie because there are parts that follows the original work but also changes too.”

Ohba Tsugumi further commented that – “I hope that people overseas who did not knew about Death Note would now watch it on Netflix. Adam Wingard’s visual beauty and thrilling directorial are splendid which made Death Note an ‘A class thriller movie, which is something that i would like to draw as well

[News Source – Comic Natalie]

So these are pretty positive remarks from Death Note original creator! What do you think about this? Share your views and opinions via the comment section below. Also do not forget to subscribe otaku vines for more such interesting news and other things.

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