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Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – The strongest team up of tournament!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 is out and while we’re all aware of the fact that how formidable Hit is but this episode reminds us once again that we shouldn’t ignore Hit at all, because from what it was shown in today’s episode. The potential of Hit to grow even stronger is unfathomable.

Moreover, Hit being an assassin, his fighting style is somewhat different from others and this episode tries to explain us more about his fighting style by pushing it to the utmost limit.

Moreover, we even get to see “Super saiyan god” after long time but teasing information about Goku’s new god form was somewhat unexpected. So let us get more in depth of this review and see how Hit’s fighting style works and what Super saiyan god form teased in today’s episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – Hint to the new form

During the battle with Toppo in the preliminary round that happened before the real tournament of power, Goku said – “I will show you the form when i surpass my limits” was already a hint that Goku has achieved a new level of Super saiyan God which is even stronger than the “Blue form”.

But we’re still left in the dark as there was no information about this new form.

Soon after that tournament of power started and Goku’s so called new form, in other words – The perfected god form was leaked online.

Goku Perfected God Mode
Goku Perfected God Mode

And now this Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 gave us a hint about this new Perfected God Mode of Goku. But before that i would like to explain you the entire thing in the right order. So first lets start with analyzing Hit vs Dyspo fight scenes that were showed in the episode today.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – Hit vs Dyspo

Universe 11 warriors looks like Beerus and even the God of destruction Champa was baffled how similar he looks to Beerus, but Vados teases him, that he also looks similar to you because you two are twin brother.

While that small talk was quite entertaining on one side, but, on the other side, Hit was being nailed in a corner because Dyspo was able to dodge Hit’s time skip and that quite shocked everyone. However, Hit is not the kind of guy who will loose his motivation to this small setback.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 - Hit
Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – Hit

Since he knew that Dyspo was overconfident and playing with him, he took this chance to analyze his fighting pattern while getting used to Dyspo’s speed and avoiding critical damage. Hit being an assassin was able to figure out how Dyspo can dodge Timeskip and he even studied his fighting patters.

As a result he turned the tables and gain advantage in the battle.

There is a huge difference in a normal fighter and an assassin. Assassin always have one job to accomplish and that job is to eliminate their targets. So they have the habit of studying their targets and their surrounding environment so that they can accomplish their mission smoothly.

Hit is assassin first and fighter second, although, in this tournament he can’t kill anyone, but he can use his intellect to study the opponent he is facing and gain advantage over him. And that’s how Hit was able to defeat Dyspo, well but Dyspo was saved by his teammate and as a result, he had to fight two of them and Goku comes in.

Why super saiyan god? now of all times?

Tournament of power is a tournament where things like healing and medicines like Senzu beans and cheating method like power amplifiers are not allowed. So Goku has to save his maximum level of energy and that’s why he fighting while suppressing huge amount of his power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 - Goku stopping dyspo
Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – Goku stopping dyspo

Therefore when he interrupted the fight, he realized he can’t fight dyspo, in his normal and any of his super saiyan mode, and he knew that he has no choice but to use his God powers, but Blue form uses a lot of his stamina and the power runs out quite quickly, in short it’s not sustainable, and so he decided to use “Super saiyan god red form” which is sustainable and the power doesn’t leak like blue form.

The hint to the perfected god form!

While fighting with Dyspo, Goku uses super saiyan god red and god blue form simultaneously, thus he is able to conserve his energy and stamina as well as compensate for his speed and power simultaneously. Since the Blue form is incomplete transforming and reverting back to red form to dodge high speed attacks and land a hit doesn’t conserve that much stamina though.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 - Hint to Perfected God Mode
Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 – Hint to Perfected God Mode

Well, even if it did, Goku was doing it like it was an everyday thing for him and was not even tired. Which is more than enough to testify that Goku has achieved a level further beyond Super saiyan god blue, if that wasn’t the case then using both red and blue form simultaneously is something that will consume huge amount of stamina. I personally think that Toei animation was teasing the new form in this episode to hype the audience.

This episode was more intellectual compared to the previous episodes

Usually fights in Dragon Ball Anime franchise are something that doesn’t make you think that much and it was the same for the Dragon Ball Super anime series. However, when you will watch this episode, you will figure that this episode made us think a lot compared to the previous episodes.

The fight between Hit and Dyspo was smartly composed and was lot more intellectual, and i personally thought that this was the best ever thing they did with anime belonging to Dragon ball anime franchise. That’s why this episode felt more entertaining compared to the episodes that had fight scenes only for the purpose of fan service.

Wrapping up

The quality of the universe survival arc is increasing every week and every episode.  And this episode too was entertaining. What do you think of this episode? Share your views and opinions via the comment section given below, also don’t forget to Subscribe otaku vines for more interesting reviews on Dragon ball super anime series.

Note : Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 spoilers updates on Master Roshi.

Overall Episode Rating – 4.5/5

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