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Sword Gai Anime will be premiered worldwide by Netflix in Spring 2018

Sword Gai Anime

The September’s issue of Shogakukan’s monthly hero magazine revealed on Tuesday that the “Sword Gai Anime” adapted from the manga (same name) will be premiered worldwide simultaneously in Spring 2018.

The sword gai anime is adapted from the manga with a same name which is in fact a collaborative work of Inoue Toshiki, Kine Osamu and Amamamiya Keita.

In addition to the news of anime adaptation premier news, it was revealed that Inoue Toshiki will be in complete in charge of the series composition for the anime and will even write the scripts that are required for the anime.

Although, the Shogakukan’s monthly hero magazine didn’t indicate that the Sword gai anime will be a anime movie or an anime series. Originally the magazine announced the anime adaptation of Sword gai manga in the late 2014. During that time it was revealed that the anime will be a collaboration work between “Flash anime studio DLE inc” and entertainment company fields.

What is Sword Gai Anime Story about?

The story of the Sword Gai Anime revolves around the main character Gai, who was born beside a woman who met her death in a forest. He was then adopted by the swordsmith Amon. A few years later, Gai becomes Amon’s apprentice, and during the forging of a sword, Gai loses his right arm. To help Gai, Amon crushes the demon sword Shiryū (lit. Death Dragon) to form it into Gai’s replacement right arm. Gai then is able to fuse with the weapon on his arm, and fights against his enemies.

The Digital frontier studios even released a 3D CG promotional video for the anime way back in 2013 i.e even before the anime was announced in 2014.

The studio that worked on this promotional video teaser, has previously worked on the production of the Wolf children movie and it even worked on the 3D graphics in the Summer wars movie.

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