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Kuroko No Basket Last Game Movie Complete Review

Once again i was lucky that i got to watch Kuroko No Basket Last Game Movie this week in theaters, The movie is adapted from the sequel Manga that has same name as the movie. So for those who have read the chapters you know what’s the story is about, however, let’s admit, the Manga suddenly devised the time skip after the period from where the Manga and Anime ended.

Seirin’s first year basketball club members are all sophomores and the sophomores of Seirin basketball club members are all Seniors and are in their final year of high school. The movie also utilized the same time skip however, the core timeline of the anime series and the original Manga is changed. We will come to that later, but when you compare the story from the movie and the story from the manga, you will realize that the core purpose of the story is pretty shallow in the original manga.

So the changed timeline in the movie makes that shallow purpose very deep or if i were to phrase that in a completely different way, i am confused right now, because i am still not able to figure out if the timeline is really changed or the movie just showed the part of the story, which they were not able show it in the television anime series and the original Manga.

Kuroko No Basket Last Game Movie Review

From here on out i have to reveal some amount of spoilers to explain my confusion regarding the change in the timeline. So if you’re not willing to get yourself spoiled then skip the “origins of Kagami section”.

Origins of Kagami

At the beginning of anime series and the original Manga, Kagami returns from America and takes admission in Seirin high school in Japan where he meets Kuroko and others. However, in the movie it was shown that Kagami comes back to Japan from America and takes admission in a different school in countryside, of course i know this isn’t enough to tell us that the timeline is really changed or not.

Kuroko No Basket Last Game - Kagami
Kuroko No Basket Last Game – Kagami

I even thought that Kagami might have took admission into different schools when he returns but transfers to Seirin high school but i dropped that theory because at the beginning of the anime/manga Seirin high school’s had no transfer student all the first year got admitted through official process and so was Kagami. So it was enough to give us a proper conclusion the timeline in the movie is changed and Kagami came back to Japan in Middle school as a transfer student (probably third year) and then moves to Seirin high school after completing middle school.

The original story

After that moment the movie follows the usual story of the manga that everyone knows, as it shows the world level street basket ball team Jabberwock has came from America to challenge the Japanese players but seeing how the low level the players are they start to mock Japanese players and the whole country and so Generation of Miracles and Kuroko & Kagami form a team to take revenge against Jabberwock.

The fluidity in the matches that makes it close to real

The story itself is pretty simple and not so complex that it needs any explanation, However for fans who wanted to see Generations of Miracles and Kuroko-Kagami team up, this movie is an eye candy for them. One thing i exceptionally liked about this movie that the over the top basketball matches that we saw in the original anime series feels natural and fluid in this movie.

Kuroko No Basket Last Game - Nash vs Kise
Kuroko No Basket Last Game – Nash vs Kise

Well, I am not really saying that this movie has basketball match that feels like real-life basketball match, I am just saying that the basketball matches are close to real in this movie although the over the top moves still remains, hey but that what the Kuroko no Basket series is all about.

The fluidity because of the top-notch animation

To be honest the fluidity in the matches were only possible because the animation was top-notch, the animators worked really hard on the smooth transition of the movements of the characters, thus making the characters more flexible than the original anime series

The change in the story that made the purpose of the move deeper than it was in Manga

From here onward its spoilers once again. So you can skip this section.

The sequel to the story was titled as Kuroko no basket the last game, however, the manga, didn’t concluded the story and made it feels like the story can be continued. The movie on the other hand wanted to put a complete end to the story that why it changes the core purpose of the original story of the manga and made the movie in a way that it will put a full stop to the story.

For the first time in the history of Kuroko no basket series combining both anime series and the original manga, the movie focuses on Kagami’s dream which we never saw in the anime nor in the manga. Usually for a shounen genre anime its common for the main character to have a dream, but Kuroko no basket made the whole thing pretty much different by putting some serious background story about the generations of miracles and made them a pivotal point of the story.

Kuroko No Basket Last Game - Akashi Emperor eye
Kuroko No Basket Last Game – Akashi Emperor eye

More than antagonist, they were a kind of goal for our double protagonists Kuroko and Kagami. Now that everything with them was settled, the anime lost its purpose, and by making Jabberwock the antagonist of the sequel for the manga may be a good choice but when you see it from the animated movie point of view, the goal of generation of miracles teaming up with Kuroko and Kagami to defeat Jabberwock seems like a weak purpose or goal for a movie, if you’re going to utilize this movie to put an end to the story of the series.

That’s why along with Kagami’s origin it was showed that Kagami will leave for America to play for NBA, thus putting a complete end to the story of the overall Kuroko no basket franchise.

This was the thing that change the purpose and the nature of the story itself.

Trimming down the comedy scenes

Now compared to the original manga version of Kuroko no basket last game the move version has trimmed down the amount of comedy scenes we saw in the Manga, this definitely made the movie face paced even though nearly 70% of the movie was about the match with Jabberwock, I still felt that some content was lacking or it wasn’t satisfactory enough, as the hype that movie generated in the movie doesn’t last till the very end and it ends as the match with Jabberwock ends.

Wrapping up

Overall the movie was pretty good, well i won’t say it was excellent but it was good at some point probably at the beginning it felt like the execution was bit sloppy but the basketball match part covers for that smoothly, but in the end i can confidently say that the movie lacks in intensity when compared to the anime series. So i think i will watch this movie once or twice not more than that.

Overall episode rating – 3.5/5

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