Kazunori Mizuno – Naruto & Bleach animator passed away!!

The famous Naruto and Bleach Animator – Kazunori Mizuno, passed away due to overwork (Karoushi) at the age of 52. He passed away on 19th March 2017, but his death wasn’t made public until his colleagues broke the news on twitter¬†yesterday i.e on 9th April 2017. You can read the news on twitter revealed by

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Bleach Soul King Past

Bleach Soul King past to be revealed 2017 – Plot Details

Bleach Soul King past РThe combined second and third issue of weekly shounen jump magazine is revealed more details for the light novel of Bleach that are going to be released next year and it says that the light novel of bleach are covering the soul king arc, that never got a single coverage in

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Bleach creator tite kubo sad story

Bleach creator Tite Kubo reveals emotional truth about ending!!

Bleach creator Tite Kubo – Its been 3 months since bleach ended and lot of fans are unhappy with the unexplained low quality story. While some fans are angry about the ending chapter and the pairing of Orihime and Ichigo, and the pairing of Rukia and Renji. However, Bleach creator Tite Kubo who just returned

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Bleach live action movie shoot images from the set – Looks like cosplay!!

Bleach live action movie shoot images – Well today i came across a thread on Bleach live action movie, topic of discussion was “Images of Bleach live action movie shooting.” Which features Fukushi Sota playing the lead role of Kurosaki Ichigo and it looks like cosplay Bleach live action movie shoot images Images are taken

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Naruto Shippuden vs Bleach

Naruto Shippuden vs Bleach – Despite having fillers why Bleach fell?

Naruto Shippuden vs Bleach – Now i have been getting lot of emails regarding this question and people who know me in real are asking me the same question, i was not going to post anything on this topic since i think its highly controversial topic but anyways i decided to post my views or

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Bleach Manga Ends

Bleach Manga ends – the beginning of new era of Shounen Jump

Bleach Manga ends today with its final chapter 686 which raises one question in mind. How shounen jump will survive without its four pillars? One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Bleach were the four pillars of shounen jump and these four series were the hot topic of discussion among every anime and manga fan. These

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