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Otaku Vines is site related to Anime, Manga, Light Novel, Live action movies and dramas. The site is made with one and only one purpose of providing reviews, news and other updates related to Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Live action Movies and Dramas, Japanses culture and lifestyle

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Hi my name is ‘Kaustubh shinde,’ I’ve been blogging since 2013.¬†Ever since i was a kid i loved watching Anime and i wanted to do something related to Anime. The first Anime i watched was ‘Pokemon.’ Then started with Dragon Ball Z and One Piece and went on to Naruto and Capeta. So without wasting any moment i fell in love with Anime. Unfortunately, I’ve not done anything related to all these Anime and now at the end of 2015 i finally started this website.

I further extended my habit of watching Anime, to Manga and then to Light Novels and Live Action Movies and Dramas, TV shows

Anime Manga Light Novel and Drama Collection

  • I collected around 300+ Anime series including movies and specials and Ovas.
  • Anime Movie collection includes 36 Movies.
  • 53 Light Novels.
  • 50 Mangas.
  • 4 Live action dramas and 10 Movies.

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