Blade of the Immortal Live action director and Original author

Blade of the immortal author rejected Hollywood live action offer

To promote the theatrical run of the live action movie of Blade of the immortal manga, the original author and the director of the movie attended a talk show held by “Animate Shinjuku Store” in Tokyo yesterday i.e on 14th may 2017. And during a Q&A session the original manga author revealed that, in the

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Dragon ball Super Episode 90 – The form that nobody has seen!!

Dragon ball Super episode 90 is the episode we’ve been waiting for since the last week, because the episode focuses on mock battle between Goku and Gohan. And since Piccolo told him to reach new heights just like his father and surpass him, this episode was even more important in terms of his growth. However,

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Boruto Anime Sarada Arc - The seventh hokage and the scarlet spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc – The Seventh hokage & Scarlet Spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc is soon going to start, as the anime prepares to focus on the Sequel Naruto Gaiden Manga based on Sarada. Which was drawn and written by none other than the Original author Masashi Kishimoto. New scan about Boruto naruto next generations anime revealed that the new arc will focus on the

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Top 10 anime aried on Cartoon network

Top 10 Anime that aired on Cartoon Network during childhood

Majority of anime fans got into anime during their childhood days, and even i was one of those fans. I first started watching Japanese anime series on Cartoon Network. And during my childhood, Animax and Cartoon Network’s Toonami was the two greatest sources to anime. So i had a moment of nostalgia today, and i

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Cross Ange Anime

Cross Ange anime is illogical trainwreck which is so bad that its good

One of my friend recommended me to watch Cross ange anime, and after binge watching it, i feel that this anime is worthy of receiving anĀ Oscar nomination. As it shows the extreme level of sexual frustrations of a mad scientist who claims and thinks himself as god, that will guide humanity to a new world.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 6 – The investigation starts

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 6 focuses Mitsuki’s point of view towards the whole concept of “friendship” and “bonds”. And it also focuses on the Shino’s character development as a teacher or sensei. While we all get to that point and discuss on how the episode was. Allow me to inform you one thing about

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