Spice & Wolf new novel to be released on May 10 – Dengeki Bunko

The official twitter account of Dengeki Bunko announced that a new novel of Spice & Wolf series will be released on 10th May 2017. The new novel is even mentioned in their new releases on their official website. If you want you can see the official announcement here – On their official website. Read this –

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Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara anime adaptation confirmed!!

Osake wa fuufu ni natte kara manga written and illustrated by “Crystal na Yousuke” gets TV Anime adaptation. The news was first announced by “Creators in pack” animation studio during their talk show. Which was titled as “2017 Haru no Shinsaku Happyoukai”, also known as “2017 Spring new work anime presentation”. The talk show hosted

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Dragon ball Super Female Saiyans

Dragon ball Super Female saiyans – Kale and Caulifla!!

Herms98 revealed some interesting information about the Dragon ball Super female saiyans characters, and i  am really excited to share with you guys. According to him a rough draft has been discovered which reveals that there is not 1 but, there are 2 female super saiyans in Dragon ball Super anime. I thought this must

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Slow start Manga Anime adaptation is now confirmed!!

Japanese news website Yaraon! reported that “Slow start manga” is getting anime adaptation. The news was first revealed in June issue of “Houbunsha’s Manga time Kirara Magazine.” The manga was first launched in the year 2013 and is written and illustrated by Tokumi Yuiko. Slow start manga anime adaption details So far, they just revealed

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Top 10 Manliest classic anime part 01

Top 10 Manliest classic anime series worth watching!! Part 01

Since last week, i was watching classic anime, So i thought why not make a recommendation list of classic anime series. But i remembered, that previously i already made similar kind of list. So i trimmed down my choices and prepared a list of top 10 manliest classic anime series which according to me are

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Anime Music & Anime industry focusing on International Market

Anime music producers and creators are now seeing international market’s potential, as they desire to expand their business internationally during a podcast, where the three big trio’s of anime music industry share their views on the potential and financial health of International market. Last year, we discussed, how the anime industry is suffering due to shortage of

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