Dragon ball Super Episode 93 Preview – Caulifla unlocks SSJ 2?

In Dragon ball Super Episode 92, we saw universe 6 female saiyan “Caulifla” going super saiyan for the first time with a minimum amount of effort. Considering how she masters the power so easily, it was confirmed that the punk female saiyan is a genius. Now the Dragon ball super episode 93 preview she unlocks

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Dragon ball Super Episode 92

Dragon ball Super Episode 92 – How to become Super Saiyan!!

Dragon ball Super Episode 92 gives detailed insight on becoming a super saiyan in same way how Gohan taught Videl to fly using her focus of her internal ki energy. Yes you guys, scream and anger are not just the only two keys to unlock the super saiyan power, was a way of telling us

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Gin No Saji Manga Returns

Gin no saji Manga is back after Hiatus shows hachiken after graduation

Arakawa Hiromu’s Gin no saji manga is making comeback from a long hiatus, On April 18th the original author of the manga revealed the plans for the Manga in the 41st issue of Ichijansha’s Febri Magazine, where she said that she will depict Hachiken’s first year in detail, and will rush through the second year

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Fumi Fumiko - Ai to Noroi Manga

Fumi Fumiko ready to launch new Manga Ai to Noroi in July 2017

This years 44th issue of Shinchosha’s Yom Yom Literally magazine announced on Saturday i.e 19th May 2017, that Fumi Fumiko will launch new Manga in the next issue of the magazine, the manga is titled as “Ai to Noroi” which also translates to “Love and curses” in English. The magazine even teased the story about

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Perfect world Manga Live Action Adaptation

Perfect world Manga gets Live Action Movie Announced

The July 2017 issue of this year’s Kodansha’s Kiss magazine announced on Saturday, that, Perfect world Manga written and illustrated by “Agura Rie” gets live action movie adaptation. The manga was first launched in Kodanha’s Kiss Magazine on February 2015. Read this – Kodansha bans isekai and teen hero genre light novels What is perfect

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Kickstarter anime funding

Kickstarter launching in Japan studios can raise funds for anime projects

Kickstarter announced that they are extending their business in Japan, this will allow Japanese animation studios to raise funds for their new anime projects. The Japanese platform for kickstarter will be fully functional till later this year!!. This is what they tweeted through their official twitter account :- Big news! Creators in Japan will be

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