Gintama web series

Gintama web series inspired by Live action confirmed for 15th July

Docomo’s DTV streaming service announced on Friday i.e today that, the live action movie version of Hideki Sorachi’s Gintama Manga is getting, “Gintama web series” which will air on the streaming service on 15th July 2017. The web series will feature the same actors from the movie, and will adapt the original story from Manga.

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Fate grand order anime

Fate grand order anime – Sony want to create some more of it!!

According to Japanese news website Yaraon, Sony president and CEO Hirai Kazuo revealed that its possible to create more Fate grand order anime because of the strong popularity of the mobile game. According to the stats revealed by the president himself the mobile game of fate grand order has been downloaded over 9 million times.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 8

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 8 – Toneri gave Boruto eyes?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 8 is out and it no longer holds back, and reveals instantly that its Toneri who gave Boruto those eyes! To be more precise, he realized that Boruto has awakened a new power something like Tenseigan, and he realized that its Boruto who will hold the fate of the world

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Skirt no naka kedamono deshita anime

Skirt no naka kedamono deshita Manga gets TV Anime in July

Skirt no naka kedamono deshita Manga gets television anime adaptation, an official website was opened today, which also streamed the promotional teaser for the television anime series. The anime will premier on 2nd July 2017 on Tokyo MX and an 18+ uncut version will be streamed on Comic Festa Anime Zone. The anime is also

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Initial D Fifth Stage director reveals how much he earns per anime

Initial D Fifth stage technical director, Nishimura Taiki took twitter to reveal how much he earns per anime. He has been working for over 20 years in the anime industry and new is regarded as one of the veteran director, and even now he is still active in this particular field. He is known for

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Hamasaki Ayumi Jpop star

Hamasaki Ayumi empress of J-Pop is going complete deaf!!

According to JPop asia, Hamasaki Ayumi also known as the empress of J-Pop is suffering from an ear infection that she caught back in 2000 while touring, as a result she is going completely deaf. She revealed this sad news through her official blog which was translated by JPop asia. Hamasaki Ayumi is known as

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