Naruto Shinden Anime Schedule

Naruto Shinden Anime will continue till February 2017!!

Naruto Shinden Anime – From 1st December onward, Naruto Shippuden got a new Anime continuation based on Naruto’s Hiden/Shinden Light Novels. These Light Novels are written by none other than “Ukyou Kodachi” who is currently in charge of ‘story writing’ for Boruto Manga and some other contributors. Apparently the latest news by Animenewsnetwork states that […]

Netflix Anime

Netflix is allowing Android & iPhone users to download Anime!!

Netflix allowing download – Netflix announced that users/subscribers can download anime series for “offline viewing,” However this feature is only available for Android and iPhone users. This new feature is available for all Netflix subscribers from all regions and territories and offers a way to binge watch without streaming! Netflix is allowing Android & iPhone […]

Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage overwhelming response

Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage helping Japanese towns to make Millions!!

Kimi No Na Wa Pilgrimage¬†– With an overwhelming success of Kimi No Na Wa Movie, Japanese towns in which the movie’s story take place are holding a special anime pilgrimage for fans and are reciving an overwhelming response due to which these fellow towns are earning Millions of dollars. Read this – Kimi No Na […]