Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 Trailer Has Been Released!

The long wait is over as the Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 trailer has become available online. A source reported that it was actually leaked. Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1 has been released on Netflix on June 10, 2016. The first season has 11 episodes, and it was released globally. Apparently, the series has been

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Omega Labyrinth Z

Omega Labyrinth Z Trailer Introduces Dungeon-Diving Adventure

Omega Labyrinth Z trailer is now available online. The video shows “chest-expanding adventure,” which could be no surprise to fans. CrunchyRoll reported that the Omega Labyrinth Z trailer has been released and you can watch it online or on Youtube. As you can see in the trailer, each character sports its “chest.” Aside from that,

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Re creators - Memorial grave

Re creators staff held a funeral for Kirameki Mamika [Pics Included]

Before getting down with the article, there is going to be huge spoilers, so, I hope you have already caught up with series. Re creators animation staff sponsored a funeral held for their most important character’s death.  So, if you haven’t watched the events happened in Episode 8 and Episode 9, I suggest you, watch the episodes

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Konosuba Season 3 No More

Konosuba season 3 – We won’t get it for a while, Implies the author

It seems that we won’t get Konosuba Season 3 for a while, The author has left a “thank you note” for the team that worked on both the seasons of the anime series. He thanks them for all their hard work, and he also wrote that he hopes to collaborate with them once again if

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Final Fantasy XV June Update

‘Final Fantasy XV’ June Update Includes Off-roading with Regalia

Listen up, “Final Fantasy” fans, an open world action role-playing video game Final Fantasy XV June update is set to introduce Regalia Type-D, which features some monster truck level wheels this means, the game includes off-roading! According to Gematsu, “Final Fantasy XV ” June update will add “Regalia Type-D,” an off-road style customization. The source

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Crunchyroll - The Ancient Magus Bride

Crunchyroll to stream 1st three episode of Mahoutsukai no Yome TV Anime at Anime Expo

The famous video service CrunchyRoll has made an exciting announcement on Monday, June 12. The website confirmed it will present the first three episodes of WIT Studio’s upcoming anime “Mahoutsukai no Yome” or “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” at Anime Expo on July 1-4. Aside from that, the video service site confirmed that WIT Studio’s anime

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