Mushishi anime studio bankruptcy

Mushishi anime studio “Artland” is the new victim of Bankruptcy

Teikoku Databank reported on Friday that “Studio Artland” who made “Mushishi anime” has been shut down due to the financial crisis. According to Teikoku Databank that reported this news, revealed that the studio has accumulated 298 Million Yen in debt i.e $2.62 Million USD since December 2016. The anime studio has ceased their operations on

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One Punch Man Manga Artist gives tribute to Dragon Ball Franchise

One Punch Man Manga artist gives tribute to Dragon Ball Franchise this week, as he shared some of his own sketches of Dragon Ball Z characters on his official Twitter account. Like many Shounen Jump authors who are famous today, Murata Yuusuke the artist of One Punch Man manga grew up watching Dragon Ball Anime

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Marry VR Waifus

Marry VR Waifus? yes its now possible thing in Japan!!

Apparently, it’s now possible to marry your Waifu, yes, at least in virtual reality. Japanese game development company is now making it possible for fans to Marry VR Waifus. Romance and Dating simulation games are quite common in Japan and in fact, they’re so common that Japanese game market is literally flooded with them. On

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Re creators - Memorial grave

Re creators staff held a funeral for Kirameki Mamika [Pics Included]

Before getting down with the article, there is going to be huge spoilers, so, I hope you have already caught up with series. Re creators animation staff sponsored a funeral held for their most important character’s death.  So, if you haven’t watched the events happened in Episode 8 and Episode 9, I suggest you, watch the episodes

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One Piece Fan Made Hentai - Oda On Nami

One Piece Fan Made Hentai – Eiichiro Oda is completely okay with it

So if you’re into hentai I bet you must’ve read some One Piece fan made hentai manga too, and it seems Eiichiro Oda is completely OK with his characters put into One Piece fan made a parody. A Thread on Reddit over this issue stirred huge debate/discussion among the international fans. Well apparently fan made hentai

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Kirito and Fidget Spinner

Kawahara Reki – Fidget Spinner looks Similar to Buckle on Kirito’s Chest

Fidget spinner is a toy that became Viral in 2017, and the author of SAO Light Novels Kawahara Reki got his hands on it and noticed that the Fidget spinner toy somehow looks similar to the buckle that is on the Kirito’s chest in Sword art online light novel and Sword art online anime series.

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