Naruto shippuden episode 500

Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 – Finale! Thank you for everything!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 – Finally its the end! I feel pretty emotional and weird to start review this way but, right now i have no words. I’ve been following this series for the last 10 years i.e since 2007, when it first came out and basically i grew up watching it. So its more like

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Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony event

Hideaki Anno to fans : Evangelion & Shin Godzilla movies incoming!!

Madman entertainment official twitter account revealed on Wednesday – Hideaki Anno asked fans to expect next installment of Shin Godzilla movie and Evangelion movie at the live event of Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony, which took place at Orchid hill, Shibuya. Hideaki Anno announcement & Event details Employee of Madman entertainment who attended the event

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Top 24 Spring 2017 Anime series which are worth watching!!

Winter is coming to end, and its time for spring season to bring new anime series, So for this time lets check out top 24 spring 2017 anime series which are definitely worth watching! and these are the anime series, for which the entire international anime community is hyped!. Note : The following recommendation list of

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Dragon ball Super episode 82 - Toppo

Dragon ball Super episode 82 – Goku vs Toppo the Saiyaman!!

Today, In dragon ball super episode 82, we have encountered another Saiyaman and he is Toppo from Universe 11. And Gohan’s reaction was like – “Are you my long lost brother?” Well keeping the jokes aside, this episode just leveled up the hype and curiosity of Universe survival arc! Considering that there are even more

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Sangatsu no lion anime season 2

Sangatsu no lion season 2 for anime announced for October 2017!!

The anime, Sangatsu no lion ended today i.e on Saturday and soon after that it was announced that Sangatsu no lion season 2 for television anime series is confirmed and will be released in the month of October this year! Sangatsu no lion is the anime series adapted from manga (same name as anime) written

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Fuuka Akitsuki - Fuuka Anime

Fuuka Anime : Why Fuuka did not die in anime reason revealed!

The 10th episode Fuuka anime revealed a major story change, In which Fukka narrowly escapes death, when originally she was supposed to die. The original author of Fuuka manga and many other members from the staff working on the anime, discussed and revealed why she didn’t actually die in Anime. NOTE : This article contains major

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