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Touken Ranbu Anime 1st Promo Video by Ufotable – Watch Now

Touken Ranbu Anime

Touken Ranbu Anime - The official website of Ufotable Anime Adaptation of Touken Ranbu Game began streaming the first promotional video of Touken Ranbu Anime. Touken Ranbu Anime is the second anime adaptation after"Doga Kobo's Touken Ranbu Hanamaru" which is coming in fall 2016. Touken Ranbu Anime 1st Promotional VideoThe video

Pokemon Generations – New Anime will launch on Youtube

Pokemon Generatons

Pokemon Generations - A new 18 episode series of short timed episodes i.e 3-5 min short episodes called Pokemon generations will premier in English on their official youtube channel on Friday. Announced the "Pokemon International company."The first two episode of the series will debut on Friday on their youtube channel