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Grape-kun Internet’s beloved otaku penguin has passed away!!

Grape-kun passed away

Everyone's aware about the Humboldt penguin Grape-kun who is also knows as "Otaku Penguin" who shot to fame when gained international attention for falling in love with a "Cardboard cutout" of "Kemono Friends anime" character "Hululu". However, today, the home of Grape-kun "Tobu Zoo" has shared some terrible news on their

Daisuki Anime Streaming Service is shutting down completely!!

Daisuki Anime Streaming

Legal anime streaming service - Daisuki Anime Streaming is closing down its services and will shut down completely by 31st October 2017 and will end its customer support on 15th December 2017. Their official website revealed this sad news. However, they didn't explained the reason behind why they were shutting down.