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Hideaki Anno to fans : Evangelion & Shin Godzilla movies incoming!!

Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony event

Madman entertainment official twitter account revealed on Wednesday - Hideaki Anno asked fans to expect next installment of Shin Godzilla movie and Evangelion movie at the live event of Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony, which took place at Orchid hill, Shibuya. Hideaki Anno announcement & Event details Employee of Madman entertainment who

Netflix Death Note Movie trailer is out shows Light and Ryuk!

Netflix death note movie

Netflix's official twitter account uploaded the very first official trailer of Netflix death note movie, which features Light and Ryuk! Nextflix will stream the film on its premier on 25th August 2017. Netflix death note movie trailer The following actors are working in this live action movie : Nat Wolf as Light Turner