Naruto Shippuden Kara no Kokoro Anly

Naruto Shippuden Kara no Kokoro by Anly Full Official Video is out!!

Naruto Shippuden Kara no Kokoro – The official full length music video of Naruto Shippuden Opening theme 20 – Empty heart or Kara no Kokoro is finally released. The theme song made every Naruto fan crazy, everyone searched for it but they never ever got their hands on the full version of the song! However,

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To aru majutsu no Index

To aru majutsu no index author teases big project in 2017

To aru majutsu no index author teases a big new project in 2017, according to a Japanese website “” he teased this news about the big new project that he is going to start, through his official website, created by Dengeki Bunko!. To aru majutsu no index author’s message So basically, Kamachi Kazuma was publishing

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Bleach Soul King Past

Bleach Soul King past to be revealed 2017 – Plot Details

Bleach Soul King past – The combined second and third issue of weekly shounen jump magazine is revealed more details for the light novel of Bleach that are going to be released next year and it says that the light novel of bleach are covering the soul king arc, that never got a single coverageĀ in

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Naruto Shinden Anime Schedule

Naruto Shinden Anime will continue till February 2017!!

Naruto Shinden Anime – From 1st December onward, Naruto Shippuden got a new Anime continuation based on Naruto’s Hiden/Shinden Light Novels. These Light Novels are written by none other than “Ukyou Kodachi” who is currently in charge of ‘story writing’ for Boruto Manga and some other contributors. Apparently the latest news by Animenewsnetwork states that

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Overlord Anime Movie Adaptation - Featured

Overlord Anime Movie for 2017 confirmed – Season 2 Confirmed

Overlord Anime Movie – The Overlord X Yojo Senki, Joint press conference announced a two part movie adaptation for Overlord Anime, which is slated to release in February 2017 and March 2017. Along with that the new key visual for the movie was released and the release date for the movie was announced. Update :

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Hyouka Anime Live Action Movie slated to release in 2017!!

Hyouka Anime Live Action Movie – The staff for the Hyouka Anime Live Action Movie confirmed on Tuesday that Hyouka Anime is getting Live Action Movie adaptation. The Anime series is adapted from Yonezawa Honobu’s Mystery Light Novel called as Hyouka. Read this – Top 15 Anime to deal with social isolation (includes Hyouka in

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