Power Rangers

Power Rangers Movie deleted scene shows Tommy & Kimberly

Power Rangers fans, unite! JDF shared a deleted scene! The Power Rangers movie reboot premiered in March. With the budget of $100 million, it garnered $140.2 million in the box office. Why are we still discussing Power Rangers months after its release? Well, for those who have watched it, there is an important scene that

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Hyouka Live Action Film Casts Fujiko Kojima, Amane Okayama

Hyouka live action film based on Honobu Yonezawa’s mystery novel will open up this fall Honobu Yonezawa’s mystery novel Hyouka live action film staff revealed additional cast member joining the said film and the film’s fall debut. Fujiko Kojima, as Mayaka Ibarra (left below) and Amane Okayama, as Satoshi Fukube (right below) will both join

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Gintama live action new trailer Kagura's face

Gintama Live Action New Trailer Reveals Theme Song & Much More

Gintama Live Action New Trailer is out and you know what stand’s out the most? Well, it’s not our Gin-chan but it’s Kagura, but unlike the other trailer that was released earlier, this gives us more insights on how the movie will look like and how the movie will service fans… The Gintama live action

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Death Note Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Director Adam Wingard Defends Movie On Twitter

Amid the controversies, the upcoming Netflix movie “Death Note” director Adam Wingard took Twitter on Tuesday, June 7 to defend his choice to set the story in the United States. The upcoming movie is an adaptation of the famous manga/anime series, which was launched on Oct. 3, 2006. The manga/anime follows the story of a

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Gintama web Drama

“Gintama” Web Drama Tells “Mitsuba Arc” Starring Kie Kitano

This week, it has been confirmed that the upcoming three-episode live-action of Gintama web drama based on Hideaki Sorachi’s action comedy manga Gintama will tell the story of “Mitsuba Arc” that was told in the manga’s 129th to 132nd chapters and that Sougo Okita’s older sister Mistuba is played by 26-year-old fashion model/actress Kie Kitano.

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Anthem of the heart Live Action

Live-Action “Anthem of the Heart” Film’s Trailer Revealed A Lot

Remember The Anthem of the Heart? A Live Action Film is coming up. The live action film’s official website streamed a trailer for the film The Anthem of the Heart (Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterun Da) on Thursday. The main characters were the highlights of the trailer. It also contains features like It also contains features like Beethoveen’s

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