Perfect world Manga Live Action Adaptation

Perfect world Manga gets Live Action Movie Announced

The July 2017 issue of this year’s Kodansha’s Kiss magazine announced on Saturday, that, Perfect world Manga written and illustrated by “Agura Rie” gets live action movie adaptation. The manga was first launched in Kodanha’s Kiss Magazine on February 2015. Read this – Kodansha bans isekai and teen hero genre light novels What is perfect

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Skirt no naka kedamono deshita anime

Skirt no naka kedamono deshita Manga gets TV Anime in July

Skirt no naka kedamono deshita Manga gets television anime adaptation, an official website was opened today, which also streamed the promotional teaser for the television anime series. The anime will premier on 2nd July 2017 on Tokyo MX and an 18+ uncut version will be streamed on Comic Festa Anime Zone. The anime is also

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Fairy tail Manga series 10 chapters left

Fairy Tail Manga Series is ending its serialization in 10 Chapters

The 25th issue of Kodansha’s weekly shounen jump magazine of 2017, revealed on Wednesday, that Fairy Tail Manga Series is Ending its serialization in 10 chapters. This news was already revealed in the 61st compiled volume and Hiro Mashima even left behind his words in the afterword section. Where he also stated that he is

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Fairy tail author teases more work

Fairy tail author teases there is more work after Manga ends

Fairy tail author of the manga Hiro mashima revealed some more information about the future of Fairy tail Franchise, through his official twitter account. Around last week he revealed that he intends to end the manga in two more volumes. However this week tweeted that Fairy tail has more work left even after the ending of

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Boruto Anime Sarada Arc - The seventh hokage and the scarlet spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc – The Seventh hokage & Scarlet Spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc is soon going to start, as the anime prepares to focus on the Sequel Naruto Gaiden Manga based on Sarada. Which was drawn and written by none other than the Original author Masashi Kishimoto. New scan about Boruto naruto next generations anime revealed that the new arc will focus on the

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Fairy tai manga ending

Fairy tail Manga ending in 2 more volumes – Hiro Mashima

Fairy tail manga ending in two more volumes, Hiro Mashima confirmed it in the latest released volume as per YonkouProductions on twitter. He also expressed to work on the new manga after dealing with Fairy Tail Manga, along with that he mentioned that he will feel empty after completing the series but, even more than

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