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Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga gets Anime adaptation!!

Ramen daisuki koizumi san anime adaptation

According to Japanese news source "Comic natalie" early 23rd issue of Takeshobo's Manga life storia magazine revealed on Tuesday that, Gourmet food manga "Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San" is getting television anime adaptation, Studio Gokumi is handling the animation of the anime series. What's Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga is about? The manga

High School of the Dead Mangaka passes away at the age of 52!!

Writer and Mangaka Satou Daisuke the one who's responsible for writing Zombie apocalypse manga, High school of the dead passes away at the age of 52 due to ischemic heart disease. News details on the High school of the dead mangaka Satou daisuke's work includes popular High school zombie apocalypse manga High

One Piece Manga staff shows how weekly shounen jump cover is made

One Piece Manga staff share process of making Jump covers

Today i came across an interesting video on YouTube, The official YouTube channel of One Piece Manga staff shared a video on their channel which shows how the cover for Weekly shounen jump magazine is made every week! Where the process begins with making illustrations of One Piece characters and