Fairy tail Manga Featured poster

Fairy tail Manga on final arc – Fairy tail dragon cry tells story after arc?

The official website of the new Fairy tail dragon cry movie revealed that Fairy tail manga is on its final arc. Its also known as the ‘Last arc.” also the movie’s website revealed that the manga sold 60 Million copies world wide. Fairy tail Manga – Final arc details The currently going arc which showcases

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Top 05 Manga series that won’t get anime despite being good

If you like reading manga and found a bunch of them that are so good, that you want to see them as an anime, but when you find out that those manga , would not get an anime in their entire time period serialized run then, how would you feel? Today we are going to

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Shaman King Mangaka refused an offer for remake of TV Anime

Takei Hiroyuki the original author/mangaka responsible for making the iconic “Shaman king” manga refused an offer for remake of the original TV Anime of Shaman king. The 44 year old mangaka revealed this news via his official twitter account while answering to a fan’s question. Synopsis A battle is about to begin in Tokyo: the

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Hajimete no gal featured

Hajimete no gal manga gets anime adaptation key visual revealed

Hajimete no gal manga or My first girl written by Ueno Meguru gets anime adaptation, the television anime staff of the manga launched an official website for the anime which reveals the very first key visual of the anime featuring manga’s female lead protagonist “Yame Yukana.” Here is the link for the official anime website

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25 best romance manga series

25 Best Romance Manga series to read 2017 – Valentines day Special

So valentines day is tomorrow and of course some of majority of you people who are reading this post must be planning to spend time with your loved one in some or other way, So if you’re thinking of spending your valentines day with your loved by reading some romance manga series or if you’re

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dragon ball yamcha manga featured

Dragon ball Yamcha manga was born at drinking party!! [FACT]

Dragon ball Yamcha manga – Recently around 2 days back, an article by buzzfeed Japan depicted the interview of buzzfeed Japan with editor in charge of the Dragon ball Yamcha manga, where it was revealed that the idea for the manga came when the editor was out drinking with his colleagues from Shueisha. Dragon ball

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