Toji no Miko Original Anime Project announced by Studio Gokumi

Studio Gokumi announced Toji no Miko original anime project on Monday, when they launched the official website for the¬†anime. The same studio was previously responsible for animating original anime “Seiren” , not much information has been revealed however the website did announced the staff members for the series which confirms that this will be an

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Blade of the Immortal Live action director and Original author

Blade of the immortal author rejected Hollywood live action offer

To promote the theatrical run of the live action movie of Blade of the immortal manga, the original author and the director of the movie attended a talk show held by “Animate Shinjuku Store” in Tokyo yesterday i.e on 14th may 2017. And during a Q&A session the original manga author revealed that, in the

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Boruto Anime Sarada Arc - The seventh hokage and the scarlet spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc – The Seventh hokage & Scarlet Spring

Boruto Anime Sarada Arc is soon going to start, as the anime prepares to focus on the Sequel Naruto Gaiden Manga based on Sarada. Which was drawn and written by none other than the Original author Masashi Kishimoto. New scan about Boruto naruto next generations anime revealed that the new arc will focus on the

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Borutp Naruto next generations schedule May 2017

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Schedule May 2017 [Complete]

The complete version of Boruto Naruto next generations schedule May 2017 is out and it focuses more on Boruto’s new eye power, that we have seen countless of times in previous episodes. The schedule is from 3rd May 2017 to 7th June 2017 along with the episode names and their summary. Note :¬†Episode 5th summary

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Fairy tai manga ending

Fairy tail Manga ending in 2 more volumes – Hiro Mashima

Fairy tail manga ending in two more volumes, Hiro Mashima confirmed it in the latest released volume as per YonkouProductions on twitter. He also expressed to work on the new manga after dealing with Fairy Tail Manga, along with that he mentioned that he will feel empty after completing the series but, even more than

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Takeda Hinata – Gosick illustrator passed away due to unspecified illness

The author of Gosick light novel Sakuraba Kazuki announced on her official blog that the illustrator of Gosick light novel series “Takeda Hinata” passed away due to an unspecified illness. The June issue of Kadokawa’s Dragon age magazine also reported Takeda Hinata’s death today. She also authored and illustrated “Yaeka no Karte” manga series. Details

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