Anime Music & Anime industry focusing on International Market

Anime music┬áproducers and creators are now seeing international market’s potential, as they desire to expand their business internationally during a┬ápodcast, where the three big trio’s of anime music industry share their views on the potential and financial health of International market. Last year, we discussed, how the anime industry is suffering due to shortage of

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Shirobako anime website prepares for announcement

Shirobako Anime Website Under Construction!! is it for Announcement?

The official website of Shirobako anime went under construction mode on Tuesday, although, it was just the home page that was under construction, the other pages were normal!. The official twitter account of the anime franchise stated that there is no major announcement yet. Although, the staff stated that there will be various other things

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Dragon ball Super ending confirmed by Toyotaro

Dragon ball Super ending – illustrator Toyotaro confirms in comic con

Apparently, during the Napoli comic con that took place in Italy, the successor of Toriyama Akira, confirmed that Dragon ball Super ending is coming near. The Napoli comic con took place in the city of Naples, where the illustrator Toyotaro for the Dragon ball Super manga was present at the event and during the Q&A

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Ajin live action teaser - Satoh Takeru

Ajin Live ActionTeaser features Rurouni kenshin’s lead Satoh Takeru

Ajin live action teaser featuring Satoh Takeru, the actor who played the role of Himura kenshin, the live action movie of Rurouni kenshin is out. This time Satoh Takeru is playing the lead role of the main character “Nagai Kei” in Ajin live action movie. The movie was announced last year in November 2016, you

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Gintama Live action trailer

Gintama Live Action Trailer shows Action scenes & Gintama world!!

The official website of Gintama live action movie released Gintama live action trailer which features some action scenes from the movie and the cast of benizakura arc. The trailer also shows Gintama’s world i.e earth occupied by extraterrestrial beings or aliens. Gintama Live Action Trailer New key visual and cast working in the movie The

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Relife anime final arc

ReLiFE Anime Final Arc airs on March 2018 : 4 Episodes Only!!

Producers of the ReLIFE Anime announced that, ReLIFE Anime final arc will be released on March 2018. The anime will wrap up the story of ReLIFE series within four episodes!. According to Japanese news site Moca News, this information was first revealed at the special event hosted today i.e April 23rd 2017, at Kawaguchi cultural

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