Top 15 new anime in 2016

Top 15 new Anime in 2016 that you should watch right now!

Top 15 new Anime in 2016 – 2016 brought us some awesome Anime, and all of them are good so in this post we will see the top 15 new Anime in 2016 that you should definitely watch now! Top 15 new Anime in 2016 1. Boku dake ga inai machi/Erased Synopsis –¬†When tragedy is

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Top 10 Anime to rewatch

Top 10 Anime to rewatch during Vacations

Top 10 Anime to rewatch – Many Anime fans and Otakus try to complete their long piled up Anime list during vacations. But people like me who already watched almost all Animes and are running out of list or are at the end of their list and have nowhere to go to enjoy vacations then

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Top 30 Anime Movies

Top 30 Anime Movies that you must watch!

Top 30 Anime Movies – Anime movies are something which are a must watch thing, if you’re an Otaku just like me. These movies gives viewers some really great content that’s only one or two hours long but it’s content that lives forever in your heart. Today in this article we are going to list

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Anime Live Action Movies

Top 10 Anime Live Action Movies You should Watch Now!

Well guys i kinda got hooked to movies after watching Deadpool Movie so i thought i will do a recommendation posts on Anime live Action Movies. Also it has been quite a while since i wrote anything about live action genre. So here it is : Presenting you the list of Top 10 Anime live

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Top 14 Romance Anime

Top 14 Romance Anime – Valentines Day Special

Top 14 Romance Anime – Today is Valentines day, A special day where couples can pledge their life to each other, Spend quality time with each other. But world is a big place and you can say that some couple spend their quality time on Valentines day by watching Anime and for those people here

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Top 10 Manga

Top 10 Manga to read during free time

Top 10 Manga – Manga requirement or substitute for Anime, You can read Manga anytime, anywhere you want. If you can’t think which Anime you should watch next, then Manga is the best replacement for it. Although Manga can be divided in three parts, Those who get Anime adaptation, Those who don’t Anime adaptation and

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