Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry Featured

Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry – 12 Anime Similar to this series!!

Rakudai kishi no cavalry – After watching Rakudai kishi no cavalry, everyone was asking me similar anime series to this anime series. So this article is for everyone who requested me similar anime series. PS – Share it with anyone who asks you the same question – “Give me some similar anime series like Rakudai

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Sarada Uchiha wallpaper

Sarada Uchiha – 10 Interesting facts worth knowing!!

Sarada Uchiha – As the title says this time we’re going to see top 10 worth knowing facts about Sarada Uchiha, Last time we wrote similar article on Boruto Uzumaki, which went viral and after that we got many request on our official Facebook page to write an article on Sarada Uchiha, So those who

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Top 10 political brain game anime

Top 10 political brain game anime series – watch right now!!

Top 10 Political Brain Game Anime – Interested in strategies involving politics? Then you have come to the right place. In this post we are going to see the top 10 political brain game anime series that you must watch right now. Also the list is big and we have more anime series in the

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Boruto Uzumaki Featured

Boruto Uzumaki 10 unknown facts you should know!!

Boruto Uzumaki : We have all adored Naruto because we watched him grow up ever since we were kids. Now his son Boruto Uzumaki is in the limelight and we saw a brief movie on his son’s background! But not many people are aware about few things about Boruto Uzumaki that we’re going to see

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Top 10 hated anime characters part 2

Top 10 hated Anime characters by fans all over the world Part 2

Top 10 hated anime characters part 2 –┬áSo as i promised earlier, that i would write a second part of Top 10 hated anime characters, this time we will cover more anime characters that are hated by fans all over the world. However the list is too big so if any character is not in

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Top 6 dark webtoons

Top 6 Dark Webtoons Series that you must read right now!!

Top 6 Dark webtoons Series – Well yesterday i wrote about top 16 terrifying anime not meant for kids or people with weak heart. Today we’re going to talk about some webtoons which are even darker than those 16 anime series which i recommended yesterday. So lets talk about these top 6 Dark webtoons series.

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