Top 16 Terrifying Anime Series – Not for kids or faint hearts!!

Top 16 Terrifying Anime Series – Anime is for kids? well that’s partially true, Anime has wide varieties of genres and one or other genre is meant for kids but its majority focuses on mature audience. However there is one realm of unknown which are not meant for kids or the people with faint heart or

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Top 10 anime series - Hellsing

Top 10 Anime series where evil wins over good! – Try right now!!

Top 10 Anime series – Tired of watching of regular slice of life, brain game anime series or your usual romance anime series ? Then lets try something new, today’s recommendation will be about To 10 Anime Series where evil wins over good. Top 10 Anime Series where evil wins over good PS – The Anime

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Top 10 interesting things about Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto

Top 10 things interesting things – Naruto and Naruto shippuden are both anime series who gained world wide popularity and its source material Naruto Manga and its creator Masashi Kishimoto also gained world wide popularity. The Manga ended long time ago while the anime series is still going on, So we decided to tell you

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top 70 non-mainstream anime series

Top 70 Non-Mainstream anime series pack – try right now!!

Top 70 Non-Mainstream Anime – Another recommendation post, this time its complete pack of all non main stream anime series that you can watch right now!! These all anime series are unique and have something different to offer through the story. So these are the Top 70 Non-Mainstream anime series for you! Check out more

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Dragon ball episode 63

Dragon ball Super episode 63-65 spoilers and Vegeto theory

Dragon ball Super episode 63 – In the recent release of Dragon ball super episode 62. We got to see Trunks go berserk in his new form and he was able to hold back Goku Black and Zamasu pretty well however something happened at the end which gives a speculation, that we might see vegeto

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Anime that need another season - Maid Sama

Top 65 Anime that need another season or series (A to Z)

Anime that need another season – Many good anime series were got canceled or their season 2 or season 3 did not came out because of low sales and popularity.There are countless such anime series, and if you have watched then you’re quite well aware of the impact it left on you! So here are about

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