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The reviews, posts and all other textual input displayed on Otaku Vines ( are the sole property of Otaku Vines. Please don’t duplicate or paste any of the content without properly asking first.

All images, videos and other visual representations of anime and manga series on Otaku Vines are the property of their respective anime production companies, distributors or other property owner.

Otaku Vines does not receive fees for publishing its opinion and serves the right to write a subjective opinion on any product from its affiliation programs. Otaku Vines is here to offer anime fans a balanced and uninfluenced opinion on anime/manga/light novels/live action movies and dramas.

Otaku Vines is not paid to write reviews nor does it suffer any consequence if a reviewer chose to give one of the products a low review score. Otaku Vines uses Ads to generate revenue, and is a participant of Google Adsense.

Should the property owner ask Otaku Vines directly for the removal of some or all of its property related media, it will be deleted. However, as the textual content on Otaku Vines is the property of Kaustubh Shinde he saves the right to keep the textual content of posts/reviews/pages intact even after the removal of said media content.