Boku No Hero Academia Episode 1 Review – The legend begins

Boku No Hero Academia – Finally the series we were waiting for came, this was the series i was waiting for since last year and today the episode 1 was finally out. Everyone believed that Boku No Hero Academia was similar to One Punch Man but the episode 1 itself proved that the series is

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Sword art online The beginning

Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Game is finally announced by IBM

Sword Art Online the Anime about Virtual Reality gaming based on “Full dive technology,” is now getting it’s own Virtual Reality game. The details of the game are still not revealed but we have some fair amount of information on the topic so lets see what it is… Sword art Online The Beginning IBM Japan

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Anime that will make you cry

10 best Anime that will make you cry

Anime that will make you cry? Well there are many and they are so good that you won’t be able to compare so these are the top 10 best handpicked Anime that makes you cry the most. PS – ANIME ARE NOT ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THEIR RATINGS THEY ARE RANDOM BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY THE

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Top 10 Must Watch Anime

Top 10 must watch Anime series of all time [2016]

Today we will discuss Top 10 must watch Anime – People get attracted towards Anime because of their deep story line, the meaningful content that people of every age group can understand. Although the most interesting are those series which are great in every aspect whether it is story, art, action, romance, plot execution etc.

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Anime 2016

Anime 2016 – Anime You can look forward (UPDATED!)

2016 is going to be awesome because lot of unexpected Anime we thought that would never return are going to return and there will be some new epic Anime too! so we will call this Anime 2016 year, so below is the list of all upcoming Anime in 2016 which will be worth watching. List

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