Naruto Shippuden Kaguya story

Naruto Shippuden Kaguya story is starting this week

Naruto Shippuden Kaguya Story – Well we thought that, Naruto Shippuden got back to canon with end of the Itachi’s story in episode 458 but seems we were wrong, since episode 459 stated that from episode 460 onwards we are getting background story of Kaguya. Well its frustrating that we are going back into the

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Boruto Manga chapter 1

Boruto Manga Chapter 1 Review – Did Naruto Really Die?

Boruto Manga Chapter 1 – So Naruto Manga’s sequel Boruto Manga based on the next generation made its debut yesterday, with some pretty shocking revelation that we would not ever expect and that’s death of Naruto! Yes you heard that right. Although the spoilers came around 2-3 days ago but these spoilers were not confirmed

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Naruto Shippuden 454-458 - Kaguya

Naruto Shippuden Episode 454-458 – Enter Otsutsuki Kaguya

Naruto Shippuden Episode 454-458 Review – Itachi’s story started at Naruto Shippuden Episode 451 and ended at Episode 458, but the last part of Itachi story, only lasted half part of episode 458 and then its back to canon episodes. Finally Otsutsuki Kaguya made her debut entrance and marked the end for the fillers and

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Naruto Shippuden Anime - Final Kaguya Arc

Naruto Shippuden Anime – Visual for final Kaguya arc revealed!!

Naruto Shippuden Anime – Finally things are getting on the right track, with the end of Itachi’s arc, From May 05 Naruto Shippuden will start airing canon episode once again. We have already informed you guys about this in our previous post where we showed the entire schedule for Naruto Shippuden form April 5 to

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Naruto Spin off Manga

Naruto Spin off Manga Review – Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki’s Origin

Naruto Spin Off Manga Review – Boruto Manga series sequel to the original Naruto Manga series going to make its first debut in May, the Manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant and Kishimoto himself is assisting with the story. It was announced that Kishimoto will write a spin off manga which is originally a

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 451

Naruto Shippuden Returns – Fillers ending once and for all?

Naruto Shippuden – Its about damn time!! A report from Saiyan island showed episode┬áschedule from April 7 – May 5. Which gave us the news that the original Naruto Shippuden Anime will be returning from May 5, this means we are finally getting rid of all the fillers there is to the Naruto Shippuden Anime.

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