Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla - Universe Survival Arc

Universe survival arc super saiyan bargain sale has logic behind

Universe survival arc – In the review of Dragon ball Super episode 92, i explained the logic behind how caulifla is able to transform into super saiyan so easily. If you want you can read it here – The logic behind Super saiyan transformation. But lots of people can’t come in terms with the simplicity of

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dragon ball yamcha manga featured

Dragon ball Yamcha manga was born at drinking party!! [FACT]

Dragon ball Yamcha manga – Recently around 2 days back, an article by buzzfeed Japan depicted the interview of buzzfeed Japan with editor in charge of the Dragon ball Yamcha manga, where it was revealed that the idea for the manga came when the editor was out drinking with his colleagues from Shueisha. Dragon ball

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Dragon ball Spin off Manga

Dragon ball Spin off Manga where Yamcha is the strongest??

Dragon ball Spin off Manga – Looks like “Akira Toriyama” hates when people makes fun of Yamcha, That’s why this time he decided to give him a new look with new Dragon ball spin off manga that takes place in an alternate world of Dragon ball where Yamcha is strongest of all! Dragon ball Spin

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Dragon ball villains – All villains vs Zamasu and Black Goku!

Dragon ball villains – With the recent excitement spurred in dragon ball and dragon ball super fans because of the future trunks arc. There is an intense discussions going on between fans, on various forums, twitter and facebook. The topic of discussion is – “Who is the best villain in the entire dragon ball history?”

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Dragon ball department

Dragon ball gets an entire department in Shueisha that focuses on series!!

Dragon ball – Well well guys, Dragon ball is now huge once again! Japanese Manga Publishing Company Shueisha is announcing on Wednesday, at new public presentation in Tokyo. That it has created an entirely new department call “Dragon ball Room” which only focuses on “Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Property which includes Anime and its sequels.”

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Trunks new transformation Dragon ball Super Episode 61

Trunks new transformation is a hint to the new level of super saiyan?

Trunks new transformation – Yesterday we got to see the latest release of Dragon ball Super Episodes, and in Dragon ball Super episode 61 we got to see the trunks going through a new transformation. The transformation was a mixture of “God ki” i.e Super saiyan blue and the normal Super saiyan. Clear explanation of Trunks new

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