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Watching Anime First time? Few things you can consider before starting!!

Watching Anime First time – last year i did a recommendation which consisted a list of over 100 anime series, from which you can choose the anime that you want to watch it, if you’re watching anime for the first time. Read more in detail – Anime starter pack. However, the problem i encountered is

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Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today!!

Top 07 Popular Manga that were totally different –¬†Managas like One Piece, Dragonball Naruto etc. are lot popular today among the all mainstream shounen series. But there are few things that are not known to many of the people about these popular series. So in this article we will see top 07 popular manga which

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Vegeto SSJ Blue Appearance in super series

Vegeto SSJ Blue was planned or is it because of the fans wishes?

Vegeto SSJ Blue is something that everyone wanted to see, ever since Dragon ball super anime brought the concept of Super saiyan god. However even before that fans wanted to see Vegeto once more, if i am right  when Vegeto appeared in Buu saga in Dragon ball Z we never witnessed his full capabilities and

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 481 – Itachi’s cooking and Inner Sakura

Naruto Shippuden Episode 481 – Last week in Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 we clearly got a glimpse at how Hinata and Naruto met. However this episode was somewhat different and was fun to watch. To be honest i expected this was going to show Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, however we got more than that. Naruto

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Top 10 interesting things about Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto

Top 10 things interesting things – Naruto and Naruto shippuden are both anime series who gained world wide popularity and its source material Naruto Manga and its creator Masashi Kishimoto also gained world wide popularity. The Manga ended long time ago while the anime series is still going on, So we decided to tell you

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Top 10 struggles anime fans face

Top 10 Struggles anime fans face in International community

Top 10 Struggles anime fans face – Being an Anime fan in international community is toughest things, because unlike Japanese fans we don’t have broader access to things related to Anime Manga Light Novel. Many of us have a unreachable dream of living in Japan so that we can get access to all things related

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