One Piece Fim Gold Review

One Piece Film Gold Review – Intense One Piece Movie Ever!!

One Piece Film Gold Review – So i guess i was quite lucky this time because i got the chance to watch the new one piece film gold earlier than i have expected, So today i decided to review it for you guys. I would try to keep the review spoiler free as much as

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Eiichiro Oda Interview

Eiichiro Oda First TV Interview 2016 on One Piece Film Gold watch now

Eiichiro Oda – So we got our hands on the first television interview of Eiichiro Oda of this year. Technically this is Oda’s first television interview and even in this interview his face was not shown. Because he agreed to give the interview on that one condition. For oda it was his childhood dream and

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One Piece Film Gold New Trailer

One Piece Film Gold new trailer – Sabo vs Rob Lucci & more!!

One Piece Film Gold new trailer – The hype for new one piece film gold just got way beyond its limits when the new trailer of the movie was released. This new trailer features the best fight scenes of the movie among which, Chief staff or Revolutionary army Sabo vs CP0 Rob Lucci is now

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One Piece episode 734-738

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – Enter Luffy vs Four Emperors?

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – So one piece finally wrapped up with its dressrosa arc and truly it was one of the lengthiest arc of one piece ever! Although when you consider the pace of one piece episodes, then it safe to say that the arc was extended. I think its one of the

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One Piece Manga Enters ‘VS. Four Emperors Arc’ on April 4

One Piece Manga –¬†After the tremendous amount of surprising chapters which contained some important revelations one after the other the Manga is finally going to enter the arc filled with excitement. Yes! its time for Luffy and its crew to finally take down the “Four Emperors” ruling second half of the grand line. Along with

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One piece episode 733

One Piece Episode 733 – Doflamingo vs Luffy Conclusion!

One Piece Episode 733 – Finally this episode concludes long on going fight of Doflamingo vs Luffy which lasted several months thanks to the slow paced episodes of One Piece. While keeping the fact in the mind that “The Anime series being close to the Manga chapters,” the pace of the episodes were slowed down.

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