Watching anime first time read this

Watching Anime First time? Few things you can consider before starting!!

Watching Anime First time – last year i did a recommendation which consisted a list of over 100 anime series, from which you can choose the anime that you want to watch it, if you’re watching anime for the first time. Read more in detail – Anime starter pack. However, the problem i encountered is

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Keijo Anime Review – More than meets the eye!! [Season 01]

Keijo Anime Review – So during my first impression on the Keijo Anime, i did mentioned that i won’t watch this series and won’t write a review. However, Keijo is the Anime that forced me to break this rule of mine! I am the type of guy who like decent stuff and prefer things that

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Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today!!

Top 07 Popular Manga that were totally different –¬†Managas like One Piece, Dragonball Naruto etc. are lot popular today among the all mainstream shounen series. But there are few things that are not known to many of the people about these popular series. So in this article we will see top 07 popular manga which

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Anime that need another season - Maid Sama

Top 65 Anime that need another season or series (A to Z)

Anime that need another season – Many good anime series were¬†got canceled or their season 2 or season 3 did not came out because of low sales and popularity.There are countless such anime series, and if you have watched then you’re quite well aware of the impact it left on you! So here are about

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Tiger Mask W Episode 1 Review – Pro wrestlers are Vigilantes of wrestling

Tiger Mask W Episode 1 – I have been waiting for Tiger Mask W Anime for almost 7 months. Anime series like Ultimate Muscle : The Kinnikuman legacy and Hajime No Ippo got me into sports genre in anime of Boxing and Pro wrestling after that i started watching many other sports anime series. I

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Classic anime series pack that you should try out right now!!

Classic anime series pack – Nothing can beat the classic, whoever said this, you deserve a salute. In terms of dressing for men and women class means wearing dresses that gives out a royal feel. Because when it comes to personality of a person first impression is everything. Those who workout and build their personality

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