Dragon ball Super Episode 90 – The form that nobody has seen!!

Dragon ball Super episode 90 is the episode we’ve been waiting for since the last week, because the episode focuses on mock battle between Goku and Gohan. And since Piccolo told him to reach new heights just like his father and surpass him, this episode was even more important in terms of his growth. However,

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Dragon ball Super Episode 89

Dragon ball Super Episode 89 – Frieza’s return is too slim!!

Watched Dragon ball Super Episode 89, just now and even though, the most reliable source Herms98 revealed spoilers of Dragon ball Super Episode 93 which hints the return of Frieza, for now we can say that chances for that to happen is too slim. And there is a pretty good reasoning for that. During that promotion,

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Dragon ball Super Female Saiyans

Dragon ball Super Female saiyans – Kale and Caulifla!!

Herms98 revealed some interesting information about the Dragon ball Super female saiyans characters, and i  am really excited to share with you guys. According to him a rough draft has been discovered which reveals that there is not 1 but, there are 2 female super saiyans in Dragon ball Super anime. I thought this must

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Dragon ball Super ending confirmed by Toyotaro

Dragon ball Super ending – illustrator Toyotaro confirms in comic con

Apparently, during the Napoli comic con that took place in Italy, the successor of Toriyama Akira, confirmed that Dragon ball Super ending is coming near. The Napoli comic con took place in the city of Naples, where the illustrator Toyotaro for the Dragon ball Super manga was present at the event and during the Q&A

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Dragon ball super episode 87-88

Dragon ball Super Episode 87-88 : Gohan Android 17 & Caulifla

Dragon ball Super episode 87-88 : Finally got to see the new female saiyan and her name is “Caulifla” which is also known as Cauliflower. While we are laughing at the awkward naming sense of Toriyama, to be honest in today’s episode her character was only introduced. She does have a female look like it

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Dragon ball super episode 85-86 - Android 17 power up

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 : Android 17 power up explained

Dragon ball Super Episode 85-86 : Goku is still in the middle of recruiting team members for tournament of power, and so far, everyone is able to keep up with Goku in super saiyan blue from, is freaking out every people everywhere in the world. Especially after watching dragon ball super episode 86, people can’t believe

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