Naruto shippuden episode 500

Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 – Finale! Thank you for everything!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 – Finally its the end! I feel pretty emotional and weird to start review this way but, right now i have no words. I’ve been following this series for the last 10 years i.e since 2007, when it first came out and basically¬†i grew up watching it. So its more like

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Naruto shippuden - Evolution

Naruto shippuden time-slot goes to Snack world anime from 13th April!!

Snack world anime takes over Naruto shippuden time-slot of Thursday from 13th April, announced the official website of level 5 on Wednesday. In other words there won’t be Naruto shippiuden anime from next to next week! Naruto shippuden time-slot change details The new anime project “Snack world” will air on TV Tokyo on Thursdays (7:25

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Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 - Hinata

Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 : Concluding the secret mission!!

Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 : Finally, this arc of Hinata and Naruto’s wedding is coming to an end, next we will see Naruto and Hinata in their formal wedding attire. This week’s episode gave conclusion to the secret mission which Kakashi gave everyone at the end of the episode 494, which i explained it in

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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime New Trailer With Opening!

The official website of Boruto Naruto next generation anime revealed a new promotional video featuring the opening theme of the new anime series. The opening theme is made by ‘KANA BOOM’ band the one who opening theme for Naruto shippuden anime and Boruto Naruto the Movie. Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime New Trailer As from

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Naruto Shippuden Finale confirmed for 23rd March 2017!!

Finally its here the official date for Naruto shippuden finale is confirmed, around last month we released a February March, Naruto shippuden schedule in which we speculated that the anime is going to end on 09th March 2017. However now we have the official date. Naruto Shippuden Finale Details This year’s 14th issue of shueisha’s

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Boruto Manga chapter 10 dark stuff

Boruto Manga Chapter 10 secret of Boruto’s curse mark & Naruto’s death

So when i gave my review on the first chapter of Boruto Manga i did said that, i won’t give any review on the Boruto chapters that are going to come in future because they are wrapping up the Boruto movie arc. I also said i will start giving review once again when the arc

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